The following areas will be installed for pre-registered customers during the dates listed below.  Pre-registered customers will be installed first.  This map/list may be change and update as pre-registers come in.  So talk to your neighbors and get them signed up, and get your area installed faster!  We are no longer taking pre-registers for any area due to the recent explosive growth.

Official HFT Pre-Connected Neighboorhoods

Exclusive Subdivisions - Buying land in Burnet, TX?  Or buy a new home near there? Hyper Fusion Technologies has made special deals with many subdivisions.  As their dedicated repeaters come online, we will post the lists here so that you know which properties to purchase land on based on our coverage.

Eagles Nest
Location: Burnet, TX
Phone: (512) 756 - 9850
7 Creeks Ranch
Location: Burnet, TX
Phone: 512-294-3758
The Ranches at Blackbuck Ridge
Location: Burnet, TX
Phone: (877) 333 - 7390
The Meadows at Bluebonnet Hill
Location: Burnet, TX
Phone: (866) 999 - 6697 Ext 420
Area 1 - LIVE! - Burnet, Kempner, Lake Victor, Lampasas,      & Naruna
Area 2 - Chica Ranch - Live July 16th (In Progress)
Area 3 - 183 Midway - Live August 1st (In Progress)
Area 4 - Kingsland - Live September 1st (In Progress)
Area 5 - Liberty Hill - Live October 1st (Pending)
Area 6 - Nix - Live October 15th (Pending)
Area 7 - North Lake Shores - Live November 1st
Area 8 - Llano - Live November 15th
Area 9 - Briggs & Oakalla - Live December 1st
Area 10 - Scobee - Live December 7th
Area 11 - Granite Shoals & Horseshoe Bay - Live December 14th
Area 12 - Georgetown & Jarrell - Live December 20th