10 Jun by Hyper Fusion

Storm Damage Update

So, with everything else going on and us recovering from our internal issues that have now been fully resolved we have some storm damage to mitigate.  Being that we have full control of the field back we have set up repair days for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Repairing Equrina Fields & Naruna customers & Our Friends 1 ( onsite wifi and arrowhead uplilnk )
Wednesday: 7 Creeks Backbone Repair & Kempner South Repeater Re-Stacking
Thursday: Lampasas & Kempner Repairs
Friday: Eagles Nest & Council Creek Repairs

We ask that you please bear with us, and at this time while we work thru this issues, if you have solid service, and you’re proud and happy to get behind us and help make our network the greatest around, we’re not asking for a penny from anyone, but if you are happy with your service, we ask that you please consider switching to 6 month or 12 month billing and enjoy some free months of service for doing so.  During these storm damage repair days, these always help us out.  If you’d interested in switching to 6 month or 12 month billing, please email sales@hyperfusiontech.com  or open a new support ticket.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

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