Please Excuse The Disarray

23 May by Hyper Fusion

Please Excuse The Disarray

Getting Back Into Regular Weekend Updates

Hey everyone, making another weekend update here.  Now that we have a new office coming and resource center for our customers and to establish a firm permanent presence in Burnet and Lampasas counties, our awesome staff is going to have more time to publish posts just like this one.  With that in mind here are a few notes for existing customers and new customers a like.

General Announcements

* We have coded some new updates into the system that will automatically queue up firmware updates on gear to take place between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. each night while everyone sleeps.  Chris kindly asks that if you happen to be using your internet during those hours, DO NOT unplug your POE power, as it will toast your gear and your internet won’t work anymore and you’ll require some new hardware and an onsite appointment.

* We had considered re-enabling the functions that actually cut off internet service if bills are not paid by their due dates.  However, our subscribers are so awesome, we just don’t see the need.  Plus the FCC asked all internet providers not to suspend services, and Hyper Fusion stands behind its commitment to do so!

* HFT Staff are in the process of officially moving the NOC, phone systems, and other required systems so that we can open up the Burnet HFT Resource Center on the 1st of the month for our 3rd birthday.  In addition to bad weather predicted for the next 10 days, whether you are waiting for install , repair, or another issue, during the next 7 days, things are going to be rough.  If we do not get to you right away, please forgive us. Tuesday and Wednesday, Andrea and Debra will be fully taking over the schedule, assessing each case, prioritizing, and contacting each person who needs an appointment or other account service required.  We ask that you kindly be patient, we are currently aware of all outstanding issues.  Chris will no longer be operating as a customer facing staff, he’s far too busy with creating and other networking tasks.  Gotta make sure that network stays speedy!

Known Network Issues

* The north network has two “clog devices” remaining.  The Kempner Main to Chica Ranch Wireless backbone transmitter radio is messed up and will be replaced as soon as possible.  Additionally, the Kempner Main East Access Point is having issues and will be changed out as soon as we can.  We will post in our community support platform when it is resolved.

* Kingsland North East Access Point is continuing to have issues, it is scheduled for replacement.

* With the new Council Creek repeater rebuilt after collapsing in the storm, our engineers will be tuning the entire site and connected subscribers over the next week so it may take a few days to iron out.

* Naruna South Access Point continues to have issues.  Naruna as a whole needs a re-structure which will be completed soon.

* As soon as weather allows, the very first thing we will be completing is the Equrina Fields big tower.  This tower is crucial to a few different projects we’re working on.

* The Chica Ranch backbone fiber optic line continues to be under construction, but weather is making it slow going, but we’re on the way.

* As many of you may have heard, our top wireless engineer Chris physically went out himself to the Pecan Valley area of Kempner and helped do a few installs, on roofs, doing everything,  and measured all 4G LTE / 5G providers with the very same SIM cards that those residents are using, as well as using the six fixed point wireless stations to scan all the air waves, so we now know for a fact, no 4g LTE / 5g provider can get faster than 6 Mbps, and we are the ONLY fixed point wireless provider capable of providing any meaningful speed in that area.  If you live in Pecan Valley and need solid service, we’re the people to see.  We will be continuing our roll out of Kempner wireless and Fusion Fiber deployments as per several folks requests and from several prominent gracious community residents that are helping finance parts of different projects to ensure quick and swift delivery.

HyperNET Rollout Update

One of our primary focuses over the next 10 days since weather will prevent us from climbing on roofs or towers our engineers will be upgrading all repeater sites with new HyperNET routers, remote power cycling capabilities, CCTV cameras, some will be getting some weather underground capable weather stations.  On our 3rd birthday June 1st, we will officially be joining our 2 networks into 1 and being fully off either of the 2 internet services we have and be on our privately owned, directly allocated IP Networks.  No more reseller status for us.

What will this upgrade do exactly?  With both networks connected, and Will adding in more tower to tower backbone bridges to inter-link tower sites to at least two other sites, and having two physical peering connections out to the internet, it will give all our towers multiple paths out to multiple gateways to ensure a stable connection and drastically increase stability and reliability.

Do I need a special router to make the jump to IPv6? No, most modern home wifi routers are capable of IPv6 features.  Dedicated IPv6 networks will be assigned upon request if required. (Lot’s of X-boxes require this with Open NAT as well as if you want to watch home video cameras while your not at home).  We will configure and provision and provide the IPv6 networks 100% free, provided you bring your router into our Burnet Resource Center.  Otherwise, there will be a $80 surcharge for onsite IPv6 setup and basic training.

I want to try out the HyperNET 4G LTE Mobile Beta service, how do I get a SIM card? As we are in the early stages of the public roll out, we’re still working out the data plans.  We do know mobile calls and mobile texting will be 100% free, you’ll only be charged for mobile data.  Our basic SIM’s currently only provide data, voice, and text on our single provider SIM’s.  However, our gen 2 SIM’s, are extremely special, and thru Hyper Fusion’s unique partnerships setup with T-Mobile, Sprint (Now T-Mobile), AT & T, and in just a few weeks, Verizon as well.  Our Gen2 SIM’s right now how ever, only work for data only, which means they are limited to our 4G LTE USB Modems, Home 4G LTE wifi routers, and our Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot devices.  Great for back up internet, and you can take them anywhere on the planet that you get service from the top 4 major providers.  Hyper Fusion stands alone with this service and is sure to become our flagship service.  Just email to signup and get a SIM card today.

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With Texas now being under lock down, almost all businesses are now closed.  However, Hyper Fusion,  will be maintaining operations throughout the pandemic to ensure that everyone that needs internet at home has it. Please keep in mind, we are down to a single field team and  have recently implemented new policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our field team, customers, and community.  We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times. We can come through this together. Stay safe!