Server Co-Location and VPS Server Leasing Services Now Available

Jun 12, 2022 Featured, Promotions

Hey everyone, just making this announcement to let all our local businesses know we now offer co-location services!!  We have completed our server room and installed a high air exchange rate HVAC system and all modern electrical system along with all the backup power needed to keep servers and connectivity up and running even thru localized power outages to ensure that your server or VPS is always available.  Our physical location of our server room that we’re doing co-location with is located right in Burnet, TX off 281, on the south side of town and the facility is under 24 / 7 video surveillance and a very secure building in and of itself.

If your small company as a sharepoint server or similar collaboration site server, or if you just want to put a standard Windows desktop with the remote desktop features turned on, what ever the case maybe we can co-locate your server in our Burnet location.  Additionally, if you just want to rent a VPS with the software installed, or with just a simple Windows remote desktop (Must purchase a valid Windows operating system license )  we got you covered!

All you do is pick your data link speed and power link ( both prices are added together for your monthly rate ) and bring it up to our shop ( or for a small pick up fee we will come pick it up and plug it into our our data center for you ).

NOTE: All Co-Location data link service include 5 TB of included bandwidth and each TB consumed after that runs $10 per TB.
Activation: $147.00 plus sales taxes.

Co-Location Rates

Data Link Speed Power Circuit Voltage
100 Mbps $47.00 / month Single 110v x 10amps $19.00 / month
250 Mbps $97.00 / month Single 110v x 20amps $27.00 / month
500 Mbps $147.00 / month Single 220v x 40amps $47.00 / month
1,000 Mbps $347.00 / month Single 220v x 60amps $87.00 / month
2,000 – 10,000 Mbps Call for Pricing Add Second Power Circuit $47.00 / month


Table Below lists out our VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans.   The plans and features are listed out in the chart below.
Activation: $47 plus sales taxes.

VPS Server Subscriptions

Small Medium Large
Data Link Speed 100 Mbps 250 Mbps 500 Mbps
Bandwidth Included 1TB 2.5TB 5TB
CPU Cores 1 2 4
Memory 1 Gigabyte 4 Gigabytes 8 Gigabytes
Storage 64GB 256 GB 512 GB
Operating System Linux * or Windows ** Linux * or Windows ** Linux * or Windows **
Whole Server Backup Service $15 / month $10 / month Included
Monthly Subscribtion Rate $47 / month $97 / month $147 / month

VPS servers will come loaded with your choice of Debian 7,8,or 9, Centos 6 or 7, Ubuntu 11 or 12 and cost nothing extra and is included in server activation. Windows operating systems require the purchase of a windows license registered to you exclusively.

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