Please Note: The first page of the request new service wizard is required, the other 2 pages are optional. Also, all information plugged in can be changed by a subscriber care agent. Please allow up to 4 business days for a return contact. For fastest service, please text into our main number at 512-790-2250.

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Having correct decimal GPS cordinates helps speed up the process ALOT. The fastest way to get them is to find yourself on Google Maps ( ) and right mouse click on your service address and the coords will be right at the top for you to copy and paste into the GPS Coordinates boxes below, first one for Latitude and the later for Longitude.

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We offer rather large discounts if you have existing service with one of our competitors. We even offer 100% FREE activation from several providers including 281 Internet/Communications.

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Please make sure to record any special requirements about your install, such as if there's a gate, if your rural location is hard to find, etc.

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You must read and agree to both of the disclaimers below in order to sign up for new services with Hyper Fusion:
ROUTER DISCLAIMER: A standard ethernet capable wifi router is required for service. I can provide my own for no charge, otherwise, I understand I must ask my sales engineer if I want to purchase one from Hyper Fusion.
WORK FROM HOME DISPLAIMER: I understand, that in order to have guarenteed service for my "work from home" service, business I run from my home, my side gig, my realtor services, or small business, that I must subscribe to a business plan. Residential plans a pre-paid, and thusly, I will receive no refunds on service or guarenteed time of repair and that residentials services are all best effort as weather and network priority can impact residential repairs at times. Regardless if you have home or business service, Hyper Fusion ALWAYS recommends carrying two internet providers and subscribing to our "Managed Multiple WAN" service for the most stable internet possible for mission critical needs.
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