How do I protect my kids and family from harmful online content?

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The truth of the matter, is you can’t.  There is no end all solution that will filter out all the garbage out on the internet.  The only sure way to keep protections in place, is direct constant monitor and making internet time a family activity so that you can keep tabs on the online content they are consuming.  Todays teens and preteens in most cases have a much further advanced knowledge of technology as they have been raised on it since birth.  In most cases teens and pre-teens have hidden codes, and texting languages, and we just simply don’t recommend ANY un-monitored internet usage from children that are not at least in high-school.  There’s no software that can protect your children and they will always figure out a way around it anyhow.

Hyper Fusion also doesn’t recommend device usage of any kind for children under 10.  The wireless signals it gives off, the bright screen brightness that is typical during night time usage, the ability to take a break when you should are all just things kids that young are capable of or should be exposed to.