What are DNS Servers and what are the ones I should be using.

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Hyper Fusion Internet Service Subscribers
Primary:     Hosname  :  idns1.hyperfusiontech.com
IPv4 Addr:
Secondary: Hostname: idns2.hyperfusiontech.com
IPv4 Addr:

In order to access the Fusion Portal and other Hyper Fusion network services you must use our private DNS servers listed above, however, for any other purposes, we recommend using OPEN DNS’s servers.


Hyper Fusion Web Hosting & Co-location Subscribers
Primary:     Hosname  :  ns1.hyperfusiontech.com
IPv4 Addr:
Secondary: Hostname: ns2.hyperfusiontech.com
IPv4 Addr:
Backup:       Hostname: ns3.hyperfusiontech.com
Ipv4 Addr: