Why is my WiFi Slow?

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Chances are its because your 2.4GHz band, which most common consumer wireless devices wifi radio/chip, only contains a 2.4GHz wifi radio.  The issue with this, is 2.4GHz spectrum can go thru most common building materials up to 2,000 or more feet away (depending on atmospheric conditions and home construction and materials) and there are only 3 non-overlapping channels as you can see from the chart below.

What does this mean?  If you live in a dense neighborhood with 3 or more neighbors nearby, someones wifi will NEVER WORK unfortunately.  This is flat out the reason NO PROVIDER EVER has guaranteed wifi speeds.  There’s just no way to track everybody’s neighbors that are not a subscriber of their network, nor will everyone of them subscribe to a managed network service.

How do I know if its my wifi, or my internet service?  Thankfully, there’s a simple test for that.  We simply take any device with a hardline, and plug it directly into your router and run a speed test.  If speeds are still low, then its probably an issue on our end.  If you get full normal speed, then we know its your wifi that has gone bonkers, in which case, only one of the options listed below will resolve your issue.

What if I have no devices with a hardline connection?  Most folks don’t have hardline devices anymore.  As such, for laptops and android phones, we have a special $25  adapter that gives you a hardline Ethernet connection on just about any laptop and all android phones.  ( May work with apple phones although its untested )

SOLUTION: There is only one real solution.  Hardware change.  There are several solutions for this.

  • Convert your devices over to a hardline.  Most people don’t really care for this option, as, who really wants a hardline device anyhow?  However, regardless of your solution, ALL TV’s, Game Consoles, and Desktop Computers should ALWAYS be hardlined for best performance.  Contact Sales about getting custom wall drops done to allow for this.
  • Switch to Hyper Fusion’s “Managed Network Service” – This is probably the best.  Understanding how to properly manage and hardset wifi channels can be a nightmare.  And if you get our Managed UniFi service and a UniFi system, which are becoming ever more popular, we handle all the software updates, mitigating ‘hack attempts”, and other nefarious actions so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Change your Wireless Solution to something with WiFi 6 in it, as well as your wireless devices.  Look on the box for the new router for the “Wireless AD” standard. It runs on 60GHz, and well outside the 2.4GHz range so you’ll always have extremely fast wireless speeds.  A cheaper solution though, and the one WE RECOMMEND for all homes single story and less than 2,00 square feet.  Simply go to Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or Fry’s Electronics in Austin, and buy the lowest cost Netgear router.  They always work and 65% of our subscribers use them.

    If you have a bigger home, NEVER use an “extender”.  By logic default they can never work.  If your putting them some place where you have no or low wireless signal, a wireless extender will there by never be able to link back to your router to get service in the first place.   See?  by default, an “extender” can never work.

    Well, what do you do then? You have low wifi signal, a huge 2 story house of 4,000 square feet.  That’s what they came out with “Mesh Systems” for.  Most “WiFi Mesh” systems, come with units that look a lot like extenders.  The difference though, is they use a technology called “power line adapters”, wherein they convert your internet signal into a special type of signal that shoots your internet across your homes electrical wires, and beings your router is plugged in there, the router pulls it out of the electric system, and on out to the internet.  So “Mesh Unit” draws its connection from a hardline, as opposed to an extender that “attempts” to grab it wirelessly.  So 1/2 the wifi speed is lost due to the “uplink”.  They will NEVER work, don’t buy them.  In fact, our Master Subscriber Agreement bans their use, and no service credits EVER will be giving if someone is caught using them.  Even if you have an SLA that allows for that, using extenders voids your SLA.

    What routers does Hyper Fusion not support?  There are a few routers we just will not help with, and again, ban their use.

    * Google Mesh (pucks) – The google mesh system does not allow you to manually hardset the 5G wireless channels and this can cause problems if you have our fixed point wireless service.  The wireless receiver station on your roof runs in 5GHz which is another common wifi band, however, the 5GHz has 6 non-overlapping channels and so alot more availability.
    * Orbi’s – We’ve just had nothing but nightmare problems with these.  Orbi’s or best used as a door stop.
    * Early Release Nighthawks – There was something funny in the Revision A of these router boards that cause issues.  The newer ones purchased after roughly May of 2017 seem to have no issues.