Smart Power Systems

In today’s world of the internet, you can now stay connected to your entire home or business’s (of any size) power system thru a simple mobile device application.  Our Basic Smart Solar kit includes: two (2) 250 watt panels, mounting gear for 2 panels, 500 watt inverter, 2 deep cycle marine batteries, and 1 internet connection module so you can control it.

What can my 500 watt system power?  With our basic power system you can run on the average a refrigerator, a few lamps, and a hot plate. The very basics for survival.  Your average 1 story house with HVAC system averages between 15 and 20 panels and between 25 to 30 batteries.   Most systems will pay for themselves over the course of 5 to 7 years.

What makes Hyper Fusions Smart Power Systems different from most, is we do not focus on solar power alone, as we all know, the sun isn’t out 24 hours a day so what about power at night?  We use a variety of power generating machines as well as batteries for storage when generation just isn’t possible or you don’t want to consume fuels for the generator.  Below is a list of some of the components we use in our power systems.

  • Smart Solar Panels – ( Power Generator )
  • Small, Medium, and Large Smart Windmills – ( Power Generator )
  • Whole Home Fuel Generators –  ( Power Generator )
  • DC To AC Smart Inverters – ( Power Conversion )
  • Smart Power Switches – ( Power Source Safety Switch )
  • Power Battery Banks – ( Power Storage )
  • Battery Re-chargers – ( Battery Charging )

Basic Smart Power Kit: $950
Installation Charge: $400

Additional Panels cost $300 each and carry a $20 extra install charge if done at the time of initial system installation or $150 to add 1 or more to an existing system.