Some Lampasas residents are thrilled after seeing a new potential internet service provider come to central Texas.

The company, Hyper Fusion Technologies, said the Lampasas area has been lacking in broadband services. So, the organization is setting up new towers to accommodate those residents. Locals told Channel 6 News the area needs more competition in a variety of other aspects as well.

In Lampasas, the city provides water service, electricity, trash pickup, and other services as a package.

Residents said there are no other options and they sometimes worry about the rates.

Other areas of the county have the same problem.

Lampasas County resident Melissa Oliver said she has only one available electricity provider, and two similar internet service providers. Neither of those companies provide enough bandwidth for the online TV service she uses, Oliver added.

"We have two satellite internet providers -- one identical to the one I use," Oliver said. "Electric... I have no options. One electric company, that's it."

Oliver said the only service she is happy with is the garbage pickup.

In nearly a month, however, Hyper Fusion Technologies will begin offering broadband in Oliver's area, and she has already pre-signed as a customer.

The company claimed it can provide 25 mbps speeds by setting up towers around the county. Hyper Fusion Technologies COO Dustin Rossman said the company has had to work with local residents to make the services available.

"The really cool part of the wireless aspect of that is we can put towers -- outside of city limits -- working with private owners to provide service at a distance," Rossman said.

Oliver said she hopes the new service provider works out, so she can better enjoy her streaming services.