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Who We Are:

Hyper Fusion Technologies is based right here in the heart of the hill country.  Our company, founded by local residents, think it is about time that residents and businesses have the same opportunity to receive high-speed broadband internet that you can find in the “Big City”.  We will always remain a local and privately owned business to ensure the highest quality network, customer support, and products.  In a world of ever expanding technology, cyberspace has become too slow.  Hyper Fusion Technologies welcomes you to Hyper Space!

What We Do:

Hyper Fusion Technologies provides internet, smart security / automation / and power sevices and products and more.  We service most areas in and surronding the counties of Burnet and Lampasas TX.  We are also pleased to announce that we are currently actively alpha testing our Live TV service.  It’s cable TV meets NetFlix.  Although we have nothing to do with either.)

Our Customers Come First:

We believe here that it is wrong to hike up a customer’s rate after being a LOYAL customer for an entire year.  For this reason, after your first 12 months of loyal subscribership, we LOWER your rates by at least $10, guaranteed, no contracts, no fuss, and no muss.  Always unlimited, no throttling, true broadband home telecommunications services

Who Makes Hyper Fusion Work?

Hyper Fusion Technologies is careful to only hire the brighest most reliable staff.  No one person makes Hyper Fusion work on its own. It takes a team of highly trained staff to make this engine run smoothly.

Contact Us:
Main Number: (512)-790-2252
Address: P.O. Box 1442, Burnet, TX 78611