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We have been voted "Best Internet Provider" now 3 years running by the Picyunes Locals Love us contest held every year and are fully BBB Accredited.

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Our SECOND Subscriber Care Center will be opening soon, located at 1510 U.S. Hwy 281 #202s, Marble Falls, TX. Very, very soon when we open its doors we will be selling internet related consumer electronic goods and accessories.


Whether you live in town or out in the country we got you.

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Rock solid network for critical business internet requirements.

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Fusion Fiber

When nothing but Fiber-To-The-Structure will do, that's us.

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Check out a small showcase of our latest projects we're working on to further help our community.


What our subscribers say.

William Moore
Hyper Fusion hands down has the best Subscriber Care out of ANY other provider out there. Their "Hometown Care" model, is by far the most superior, I'll never switch to another provider, EVER!

Check out what a bunch of folks say about us by using the following link:
Check out what a bunch of folks say about us by CLICKING HERE.

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Award winning the Hill Country's top provider!

No other provider can match our speeds, subsriber care, or prices. We kinda make sure of it. =)