High speed broad band access now live in Burnet, Lake Victor, Naruna, Lampasas, Kempner, Kingsland, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Marble Falls, Round Mountain, and very soon Spicewood.  Speeds from 25Mbps-100Mbps with speeds as high as 1GIGABIT/s in certain places. After 12 months of continuous service rate will drop by $10.  At Hyper Fusion Technologies we believe as a loyal customer for a year, you deserve a reward with a rate drop not a penalty with a rate hike.

What does it cost to get started?

Well, with most other providers, they try and skirt around their setup price by setting it much lower and then "charging you" or "fee-ing" you for everything from wall plates, to cable.  This is still a tactic to hide things and deceive, we won't do that.  With Hyper Fusion, everything for a basic satellite arm installation with exterior breech is INCLUDED in our $250 activation fee.  If you have high tree's and require a mast, that's the only extra setup fee we charge, other then a customer install fee ( when we drop the wire down on the inside of the house and typically run the cable in the attic.

What is "service to the plate"

We provide service to the plate only.  In an effort to make our prices affordable, and with most common consumer wifi routers having simple setup applications, we don't really provide any sort of equipment / router / modem.  The receiver on your roof, and the cable going into your home is all that is required.  You can plug any hardline device directly into your POE that plugs in your wall-plate and use the internet that way.  If you want to connect multiple devices, you'll of course need a wifi router of some type.  Although you can use your own wifi router with our service, we also have a managed router service so you don't have to hassle or fuss with any tedious constant router software updates.

Don't be fooled, unless a provider is offering at least 25/Mbps of download speed,
the FCC DOES NOT count it as broadband internet!

Basic Install Fee - $250: Includes basic satellite arm or fascia mounted radio, wire run outside of the home through an exterior wall with a wall plate installed right on the other side. We will no longer be providing Wi-Fi routers. You must either purchase your own from the store or subscribe to our Managed Router service.

Custom Install Fee - $100: This includes running the radio cable into the attics in most cases, hiding the wire and feeding it down through an interior wall in the home and/or getting underneath a mobile home to run/hide the cable.

Service Call Fee - $65: If your circuit has any issue after installation that is NOT due to adverse weather conditions or the direct fault of Hyper Fusion. Your circuit is broke by for example attempting to adjust or move the radio in any manner and/or cables being damaged during home remodels, etc, this fee will be assessed.

Discounts: The only discount Hyper Fusion offers is $5 off if you have an active Auto Pay subscription with your account.  We take all the hassle out of complex discount programs and simply offer all our customers great services at reasonable competitive prices.

Plan Download Upload Price per Month
Basic 25 / Mbps 5 / Mbps $65.00
Plus 50 / Mbps 10 / Mbps $105.00
Super 75 / Mbps 15 / Mbps $155.00
Mega * 100 / Mbps 20 / Mbps $185.00
Hyper * 200 / Mbps 25 / Mbps $265.00
Dedicated Wireless Link ---- ----- $100.00
Synchronous Upload ** ---- ---- $100.00
Public Static IPv4 *** ---- ---- $10.00

* These plans are not available in all areas and generally are only achievable if you are less than 3 miles from one of our repeaters.
** Adding the synchronous option to your services makes your upload speed the same as your download speed.
*** Public static IPv4's in most cases are required for certain X-Box one games.  Once the conversion to IPv6 is complete 100% free IPv6 /64  Subnets ( Yes, that's an entire subnet for ALL your devices.  A /64 subnet includes 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IP addresses, more than enough for all your devices)  will be issued to every customer free and by default.


Hyper Fusion Technologies offers super low rates for all our services.  We strive to make our business as green as possible as well as efficient as possible to bring our customers the best possible rate.  We are a pre-paid service, which means when you pay your subscription fee that covers your bill going forward.  If you own a vacation home, this is great because you can just let your service run out and only pay when you come back to stay in your vacation home.  There is no late fee or re-connection fee, other then paying your bill.  As such, after the 30 days expires if you do not pay before the 30th day, service WILL be suspended without exception.  These are just a few of the policies and procedures we follow to ensure the best possible rate for our customers.