ACTIVATION  FEE - $300: Includes basic satellite arm or fascia mounted radio, wire run outside of the home through an exterior wall breech with a wall plate installed right on the other side.   As our service is a pure digital service, no modem of any kind is required.  We install a wall-plate with an ethernet Cat5e port so you can plug in just about anything that plugs into that.  So you can either bring your own router, buy one from us, or subscriber to our managed router service if your wanting wifi.

Custom Install ( Wall Drop ) - $145: This includes running the radio cable into the attics in most cases, hiding the wire and feeding it down through an interior wall in the home and/or getting underneath a mobile home to run/hide the cable.

Service Call Fee - $40: After you initial installation, if your service stops working due to storm damage, customer damage, or other contractor damage a service call fee will be invoiced unless you carry the optional circuit insurance.

Service Transfer Fee - $100: If you move with in our service zone and want to transfer your services, a one time service transfer fee will be assessed of $100.

Discounts: We do not offer discounts at this time.  Our prices are VASTLY more reasonable then any other provider in our service market and have all discounts built in.

FASTER / CUSTOM PLANS: We do have faster customer plans available up to 1,000 Mbps Down & 1,000 Mbps up.

Plan Download Upload Price per Month
Simple Up to 20 / Mbps Up to 5 / Mbps $47.00
Standard 30 / Mbps 10 / Mbps $87.00
Family 50 / Mbps 15 / Mbps $137.00
Mega * 75 / Mbps 15 / Mbps $197.00
SOHO Lite 35 / Mbps 20 / Mbps $147.00
SOHO Standard 50 / Mbps 30 / Mbps $197.00
Dedicated Wireless Link **  ----  ---- $97.00
Dedicated Public IPv4  ----  ---- $47.00

* These plans are not available in all areas and generally are only achievable if you are less than 3 miles from one of our repeaters.
** This is where we put a dedicated transmitter on the tower or a Generation 6 non 2.4/5 GHz receiver station and you are guaranteed access point availability.  Limitations may apply, not available in all areas, and subject to change  Contact sales for more information.


Don't be fooled, unless a provider is offering at least 25/Mbps of download speed,
the FCC DOES NOT count it as broadband internet!


All our prices and rates are listed below.  However, we operate EXTREMELY differently to every other rural provider and big box data company out there.  So please read the information below, it will help you determine what plan you need, and midway thru the page, all our plans, prices, and speeds on them are listed below the informational pieces.

How much internet do I need?

We will NEVER try and push you into a plan that you don't need.  In this day and age, we need to save those dollars.  If your not sure how internet speeds and measurements to give you a good idea, your average 1080 HD video stream uses 4 to 6 Mbps of internet.  A normal general internet surfing device uses 1 to 4 Mbps of internet.  Playstations consume 6 to 8 Mbps, X-Box 1 consumes about 8 to 20 Mbps depending on game.  If you do remote learning or work from home and use Zoom most cases you need upload.  And these activities consume normally from 5 Mbps to 30 Mbps of upload speed depending on service and activities.  These estimates are derived per device and of course do vary from time to time depending on device and what ever it is your accessing.  ( Their sides internet provider could be failing too.  Nexflix and Hulu's internet provider isn't 100% rock solid due to all the people accessing it. )

How does your billing work?

We set ourselves apart here.  Our big thing, is that, "The price on the sign matches the price on your bill." As such, unlike EVERY OTHER rural provider in our area and in our class, and including almost all big box data carriers, this page, and the prices listed below are CLEARLY laid out, not hidden to try and trick you, we don't nickle and dime you for extra fee's like "being more than 10km from the tower" or "monthly mast rental charges" or "regulatory fees" or any of that garbage.  Hyper Fusion is a rural internet provider, its our job to know which regulatory fees we must pay on each subscriber, where they go, get them there on time, and all that jazz.  We don't include those items on our subscribers bills, we just simply pay them, and they are an expense on our budget like any other item.  So, when our rate charge below shows $87, we add sales taxes (can't get out of that one, uncle sam gotta get his cut) and that's it. You'll find no mystery fees or baloney on your monthly invoice.   Your initial installation invoice we collect by check, but all your subscription fees can be paid thru our online portal using any of the 4 major debit / credit cards and sign up for auto pay.  Of course if you still want to mail in a check, money order, or use your banks bill pay system, we always prefer that method best.

What does it cost to get started?

At Hyper Fusion, we pride ourselves in bringing broadband speed internet to rural areas. Our $300 activation fee covers the standard satellite arm installation with exterior wall breech and the POE. If you have high trees and require a mast, or request  a custom wall drop  ( when we drop the wire down on the inside of the house and typically run the cable in the attic) then there will be extra charges. These charges will be clearly gone over and agreed to BEFORE installation.

What is "service to the plate"

Hyper Fusion provides service to the plate only, which means we provide the receiver on your roof or fiber PON unit, and the cable going into your home. For hard lined internet, you can plug the device directly into your POE (The device plugged into the wall plate) and use the internet once the device has been activated your device on your account.  If you want to connect multiple devices, then you will need a WiFi router which can be purchased online, or through our Managed Router service (This includes an air cube router) so you don't have to hassle with any common wireless issues.

What equipment is provided?

Simply put, NONE.  Why is this?  Because, unlike cable modems, DSL, or Satellite based systems, our entire network is a purely digital network end to end.  The reason all those other older archaic analog systems are slower, is because they require a modem in order to modulate the digital internet signal so it can travel down the Co-Ax line and at the other end, its decompressed back into a digital signal.  Since our signal is already digital right at the plate we install in your home, no modem is required.  You can plug any ethernet device into the POE adapter we provide included with your subscription.  Most people of course choose to plug in a wifi router.  Just be reminded, our service is only guaranteed to the plate.  We can not, and nor does any provider guarantee wifi speeds, you just can't.

Why can't Hyper Fusion guarantee wifi?

Most simply it boils down to 2 things.  Population density and limitation of how 2.4GHz wifi works.  2.4GHz wifi cards are still installed in about 70% of consumer devices.  2.4GHz has only 3 available channels in it that don't "over lap".  Yes there are other channels, but if you set em to those channels, all your neighboors "auto channel select function" is either gonna land in 1, 6 or 11.  So if you don't set yours inside one of those 3 channels, your wifi will go bonkers.  Additionally, if you have more than 3 neighboors within a 1,000 feet of you, someones wifi will NEVER work, simply because there are no available channels.

What devices does Hyper Fusion "ban" from usage?

We do not "ban" any device.  Now, if your using a device the US, Texas, or your local county government has banned, that's on you. If you get busted using it.  Some Huawei networking devices are banned by US law due to their affiliation with China.  Now, there are certain router models and wireless devices that we do not allow to be used on our network.  These include, Orbi's, Google Mesh systems ( because you can't manually select the wireless channels, drives us nuts ), and "network extenders".  If you have poor wireless performance in a section of your house, placing a "network extender" or "wifi extender" there will NEVER work?  Why, because they connect to your router wirelessly.  If your putting the device there because you can't get wifi, how could we ever expect the extender to pick it up?  No exceptions are made for extenders, even if you "know how to use them" if you are caught using them ( and we can tell because we have a wireless transceiver in everyone of our wireless stations dedicated to scanning the local wireless environment ) no service credits will be issued ever, and if your service includes an SLA or repeater subscriber agreement, you will be found in default of your agreement.