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Hyper Fusion, LLC has recognized that in a world of ever expanding gadgets, software, and apps, todays modern internet has become more diverse than ever.  With that in mind, when our founders started Hyper Fusion on June 1st,  2017, they recognized, that a simple fixed point wireless network, just wasn't adequate for today's internet demands.  We're also aware that some of the newer "5G" as the big box providers are advertising it so heavily utilizes the microwave bands and it's a technology Hyper Fusion believes hasn't been well tested enough for us as a company to deploy to our customer's homes just yet.  However, we are still able to deliver the same speeds using other methods.

Hyper Fusion has used a variety of several inter-meshed network delivery technologies to build its data delivery network.  We utilize a combination of fixed point wireless, direct fiber, several nationwide 4G LTE providers, and other proprietary methods to form a strong wide area network that's unified and allows our customers to virtually go anywhere in the United States with out having to constantly connect and disconnect your devices to different providers.  Our network is brand new when we put it in, so our infrastructure will last for many years to come and vastly out performs any other provider in our service market.

With that in mind, our entire company and system was designed with the customer mind.  From no contacts on anything, literally no fees, no late fees, no overage fees, no fees of any kind, just pay your monthly bill and away ya go.  That's our commitment to you.

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