What is FusionLink service?

If you have rural internet service, you know you are simply stuck with wireless and no one fixed-point wireless provider is very stable - it is simply the nature of things.  Our new FusionLink service will take ANY 2, 3, and up to 5 providers and "Fuse" them together to form a better, stronger, faster, and more stable internet experience for any subscriber, anywhere.  Whether rural or in a city, you are already a coax cable modem subscriber (Spectrum/Vyve/Grande Communications) or you have a fixed-point wireless circuit, FusionLink can "fuse" them all.

FusionLink service is primarily the multi-wan managed router services. Please understand you must pay for each internet service separately thru each company as well as the FusionLink plan monthly price.  Hyper Fusion has no official relationship, "tie in", or otherwise do we receive any "kick backs" or revenue for referring customers for multiple internet providers/links. 

What are your internet service provider location services?

Living in a rural Texas setting, a small town, buying some land and building a house, or buying an already built house, finding reliable internet service can be tough.  Included in your FusionLink activation, in most cases, we will not only help secure and get service ordered for you, but we will also come out and install it if required (as some providers do not provide installation services). EVEN IF WE CAN NOT GET YOU ON OUR NETWORK AND HAVE TO SOURCE TWO OR MORE OTHER PROVIDERS, we will handle it for you.  That's right, even if we can't sell you our internet, we'll help source, locate, and contact the best two, or three, or more providers in your area to give you the best possible service!  This is INCLUDED FREE with your FusionLink activation.

What FusionLink plans do you offer?

When using ANY Hyper Fusion service as one of your providers, you get a 50% lower rate for your FusionLink plan (please note, if you have a Hyper Fusion internet plan, we do give a $10 per month lower rate when on a FusionLink plan).  Standard activation for FusionLink service is $147, one time.   If your an existing Hyper Fusion customer or you are going to be using HyperFusion as your primary provider for your FusionLink service, activation is only $47 and you save $100.  If you have two or more other providers however, then monthly cost will be billed to you depending on your configuration, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE HYPER FUSION INTERNET SERVICE TO ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF OUR FUSION TECHNOLOGY!

Dual Providers only
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We can easily "Fuse" in either Hughenset/Viasat satalite internet connection with our FusionLink service.  Both companies do offer basic customer support although Hyper Fusion does not directly deal with their technical support departments.  These connections are becoming much more rare as Starlink does tend to vastly outperform them.  If you happen to have one of these systems and need it installed we can certainly help you with installation services only.

  • Install Service w/FusionLink:  $347.00
  • Install Service Ala Carte:  $547.00

Starlink Service

As Starlink does not offer any installation services or telephone/onsite technical support for its subscribers, we offer those services for Starlink users.  If you are using Starlink as a second provider to your primary Hyper Fusion services, we offer 1/2 off your Starlink installation services.  However, if you only want your Starlink equipment installed, and you do not want Hyper Fusion service or FusionLink service at all, we do offer Starlink installation services a-la-cart.  All Starlink professional installs are completed within 2 hours in most cases, although exceptions do arise.  Please note, when using Starlink as part of your FusionLink service, an ethernet adapter is required (made by Starlink) which we have in stock for a $99 one time charge - you own the adapter, no monthly fee for it.

  • Install Service w/FusionLink:  $347.00
  • Install Service Ala Carte:  $447.00

Some fixed point wireless providers require you to install your own equipment.  Fixed Point Wireless can be finicky and, unlike the Starlink dish which points itself, we have to manually and physically point fixed point wireless equipment.  Let us handle that difficult installation process for you.  You DO NOT have to be a Hyper Fusion customer or FusionLink subscriber to have us install your fixed point wireless circuit, we will still happily do it.  Let professionals handle your installation for optimal results.

  • FPW Install Service w/FusionLink:  $147.00
  • FPW Install Service Ala Carte:  $347.00

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to inferior speeds, business practices, and a varying amount of other reasons we DO NOT accept FusionLinks from those subscribers who already have internet service thru 281 Communications/281 Internet (Marble Falls) or ZeeCon Communications (Marble Falls).

Disclaimer: Some fixed point wireless circuits require a telescoping mast or mini radio tower.  If your circuit is subject to this due to height requirements and your NOT a Hyper Fusion or FusionLink subscriber, we can sell you a mast or mini radio tower you own and install it for you. Pricing subject to equipment needed.

Our FusionLink service also works with any mobile service, provided you have a hotspot with an ethernet adapter. But not to worry, if you don't, we can source the correct equipment for you to get it, just like with Starlink.

If you are a Hyper Fusion active subscriber of any service, we do these setups with the 5g/6g mobile hotspots as a provider for only $47.

If you'd like this equipment simply installed and no longer need Hyper Fusion's help with it past the initial install, we can do that for a one-time fee of $297.99.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will source for you, based on location the best Mobile Provider to get a pre-paid SIM card from and provide you with that card and get the account set up in your name, but you will be responsible for the bill and keeping it paid.  We simply bring the equipment with us on install day of your FusionLink service to "Fuse" with your existing service, and away you go.   Beings that most of the 5g and Sub6 home services ( like T-Mobile Home ) are very new there is currently only 1 modem they use with the service and we sell the modem, a SIM card, and 3 months of pre-paid service for $447 plus Texas state sales taxes.  You will pay which ever provider is best at your location.  We have testing tools for all 5 major Texas mobile providers.

Whether you have Starlink, Nextlink, SOS, Western Broadband, a mobile hotspot, what have you, we have support services for users.  We have realized we may not have our internet service available everywhere, but we can handle dealing with your provider or providers for you so you can get help with your internet using our real time chat, 24/7 SMS/text support, as well as Monday - Friday live, local, right here in Central Texas ONLY customer care.

  • Starlink User Technical Support and In-Home Networking Services with 1 visit per month:  $24.99 per month
  • Fixed Point Wireless Technical Support and In-Home Networking Services with 1 visit per month: $19.99 per month
  • Hardline Internet Technical Support (Fiber or Coax only) and In-Home Networking Services with 1 visit per month: $14.99 per month