Fusion Fiber

Does Hyper Fusion own its own fiber network?

Hyper Fusion is NOT a reseller.  We install our own REAL physical fiber, we get our own permits, and we do this work ourselves.  We do not call in big box data to come install more of their, well, quite clearly, inferior services and then claim it as our own.  We ARE one of the only very few genuine tier 3 providers.  We build our own towers, we run our own fiber, we maintain our own servers within that owned and operated network, and we also participate in worldwide internet routing thru maintaining multiple upstream BGP peers.  Our Company was founded by internet engineers NOT business people as every other one of the local providers are.

We have opted to deploy a very solid and stable passive optical network for delivery of our Fusion Fiber service. This allows us to part out the fiber costs and the equipment for what ever reason is much lower cost, which allows us to deliver very reasonably priced RURAL FIBER TO THE HOME, which NO OTHER PROVIDER has.

Where is Fusion Fiber Available?

Hyper Fusion has Fusion Fiber available in all rural and metro areas statewide in Texas and take 30 to 180 days from signup to live, however, the areas listed below already have lit infrastructure and install times in active build areas will be much faster and generally under 30 days to live from signup.  Fusion Fiber is now available in the markets listed below in red, make sure to sign up for details, or click the links below for more information on your market.

We are SUPER pleased to announce we now have live hot fiber in Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Lake Buchanan, Round Mountain, Spicewood, Bee Caves, and Johnson City.  Although we have not installed our DMARCS the fiber is there, with light running thru it, and will only take a matter of a few weeks to tap, and get installing in any one of these cities.  The Marble Falls DMARC will be live at the first of the 2023 year.  If you live in one of these areas, please check out the Burnet link below, and it will give you prices, but please be sure to sign up.

  • Granite Shoals - To Be Announced
  • Horseshoe Bay- To Be Announced
  • Liberty Hill- To Be Announced
  • Leander - To Be Announced
  • Lakeway - To Be Announced
  • Lometa - To Be Announced

Red lines are either privately owned or other fiber already live
Yellow lines are lines currently actively under construction
Blue lines are partner lines already active and ready for subscribers.
Grey lines are dark fiber lines thru upstream providers we have pre-engineered and are ready to throw live.