Fusion Fiber

What's important to know about Fusion Fiber?

Our Fusion Fiber service is no different than any other type of internet.  Its a simple cable we run to your house that plugs into an access port that's connected to our delivery network.  We run a simple ethernet cable from the box out side that contains the little box the moves from fiber to ethernet so we can run it inside the home or business and that's it.  Inside there is no modem or piece of gear that is "REQUIRED" for service.  That's how you can easily tell the difference between old analog internet and modern pure digital internet.  Analog internet requires a modem in order to use, digital internet does not.

What are the costs?

Getting an onsite pre-sales survey for residential and most small businesses we do not charge for.  The primary thing to understand about the costs associated with fiber, as is pretty much industry standard, for all Fusion Fiber circuits there is a $347 activation with a 1 year agreement, $247 with a 2 year agreement, $147 with a 3 year agreement, and 100% free with a 5 year agreement.  The only other upfront cost will come from the construction costs, or the cost of getting a physical fiber from one of our tap sites to your home or business.  We try our best to keep these construction costs as low as possible and Hyper Fusion does discount construction costs in some cases for low income families, just ask.  Additionally, you can lower construction costs by 5% for a 2 year agreement, 10% for a 3 year agreement, and 20% for a 5 year agreement.  Additionally, on the day you go live, your first months pro-rated service is billed and due upon install for internet to activate and become usable.

Where is Fusion Fiber Available?

Fusion Fiber is available in many Texas Markets as well as a few in Arkansas.  We are launching new markets in North West Montana and Central Florida in Winter of 2023.  Below are some of our highlighted and most popular markets.  If yours isn't listed, still wouldn't hurt for you to use the support chat in the bottom right of the screen and ask someone for help.  If you don't get a reply with in 5 minutes, please try texting into our main number at 512-790-2250  saying your interested in Fusion Fiber.