Fuse the Community Initiative

The Basics

Hyper Fusion's Fuse the Community Initiative, launched in September of 2017, was developed to help serve under-served areas and demographics with highspeed broadband internet service and outstanding Subscriber Care.  As a side mission, we also aim to "Fuse the Community" with a rich set of community enrichment programs and a local first driven mindset.  All of our work, all started long before any other "programs" in Burnet County.  I suppose though, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but we are the home of the original.

Community Engagement

Unlike most providers, Hyper Fusion likes to engage with the residents of the Communities in which we provide service.   From our annual birthday bashes (open to active good standing subscribers only), scholarships, attending commerce events, attending other civil events to speak on the importance of solid, reliable, and affordable broadband internet, and more.

We at Hyper Fusion firmly believe that by engaging directly with subscribers that we serve that we are able to better obtain feedback about our service, our processes, and all the things that make Hyper Fusion so great EVEN BETTER!  We are constantly striving to be on the forefront of innovation in not just technology, but the way in which technology is both delivered, and the cost point at which its delivered.

Here is just a small list of some of our active and planned Community Enrichment Programs we either already do or are working on:

  • Hyper Fusion Scholarship Program - Every year we expand and grow our scholarship program, how much we give, and we get more involved.  Click the link to check out what scholarships we have upcoming!
  • The Fusion Atlas - An online directory of primarily focused small local businesses and freelancers as well as events to help promote shopping local first to help encourage the local economies of the communities we serve across Central Texas.
  • Local Shoutouts - At no cost for our subscribers that own a business or are a freelancer we produce "#localshout" videos and prominently support them across all of The Hyper Fusion Network and streaming platforms.
  • Fusion Summer Camp - An interesting take on getting kids of all ages as well as teens up to 19 interested in summer camp, getting them to have fun with interests they have, and getting to socialize in a healthy, fun environment. ( In planning phase )
  • Technology Fairs/Expos - Kinda like the Blue Bonnet Festival in Burnet, TX, except Hyper Fusion is going to promote and contact as many high end technology companies to come set up booths and show off their latest invented technology.  We'll have carnival rides, concerts, tech demonstrations, and vendor booths.
  • Public HyperNET Hotspots - We have a live public WiFi hotspot down in the main square in downtown Burnet with high-grade Wifi access points on every side of the block that we provide 100% free Wi-Fi during the blue bonnet festival as well as year round.  We will be working hard over the next 24 months to get these same free public wifi hotspots set up on the main square of Marble Falls, Kempner, Spicewood, Johnson City, Blanco, San Marcos, Bastrop, Liberty Hill, Bertrum and Jarrell.

What will this program help pay for?

Our Fuse the Community internal company fund goes to pay for a host of things but our here is a list of primary thing it covers.

  • Installing last mile fiber to subscribers in smaller towns
  • Covering low cost or free activation/setup/construction fees for qualifying subscribers
  • Covering low cost or discounted monthly service rate fees for qualifying subscribers
  • Building new wireless and fiber repeater sites
  • Basic Internet Safety Seminars

Where is this program available?

Although we have Internet & Business Phone service available across the entire Great State of Texas, we

  • Burnet County
  • Lampasas County
  • Llano County
  • Williamson County
  • Bell County
  • Hamilton County
  • Coryell County
  • Bastrop County

The Digital Divide

As technology and telecommunications continue to grow and change with every passing year it seems, the divide between those who have free and open access to that technology and services seems to be widening more and more.  If your not familiar with "The Digital Divide", it simply refers to the unfair split to those who have access to highspeed internet and modern technology, and those that don't, regardless of the reason.  It seems like every day we're seeing stories on both mainstream media and alternative media sources.  Both republicans and democrats are constantly bringing this up.  Retired Americans, working Americans.  It doesn't seem to matter.  This issue crosses economic groups, political groups, and just about every other group imaginable.

Having access to decent internet and modern devices like tablets, mobile phones, and latest generation laptops, whether your a student trying to get into collect, an adult trying to look for a new job, or trying to just simply better your life, it can make a world of difference.  Not having access to technology and decent internet simply leads to a MUCH greater chance of economic disparagement ensuing and the split between the haves and the have nots gets even wider.

The Continuing Problem

The pandemic in 2021 for ever changed the telecommunications industry and ecosystem forever.  Weak points where exposed in a global system most people found to be so big it couldn't fail.  We all know that not be the case now.  With the pandemic forcing everyone home, EVERYONE had to figure out internet, whether they had before or not.  There are many American's, Texan's, and local folks that STILL do not have access, primarily because they simply can't afford it.

With Grants going out over 2021 and funding having occurred well more than 12 months ago, we're left wondering, exactly why this issue hasn't improved one bit at all?  If all these billions of dollars have been issued to states, and in turn, providers, we're wondering, where did it call go?!?!  We live in Burnet, TX, and there certainly isn't any more affordable internet around here.  Providers like Spectrum, AT & T, Verizon, and many other big box providers, and mid-grade providers alike are doing nothing but raising rates.  So, why are they raising rates if they just got funding?!?!  Right off, quite fishy in our eyes.

Okay, so yes, most of these providers who have received funding, have deployed new, more modern infrastructure.  So, again, they where given money, they bought equipment, they deployed said equipment, again, how come by in large has internet not improved for most folks?  Very, very simple.  All those providers, are simple swapping out their old gear for new gear, that did nothing but serve in-town/metro/bigger cities converting them over.  PEOPLE THAT ALREADY HAD INTERNET.  None of these providers are address the issue of bringing internet to people who never have it before.  They are just making it more expensive, and more difficult for EVERYONE to access, obtain, and afford.  Your simple proof of this is that MOST of those 5G access point on the edge of bigger cities all face in towards town, never out in the rural areas.  T-Mobile says they are helping with new "home 5G internet service" but you gotta be in a bigger city AND IN TOWN just to get it.  VERY CLEARLY most of the bigger and mid-range providers took all this money to upgrade their networks on the tax dollars money, jack up the rates, and make the Digital Divide EVEN WIDER.  They are publicly "attacking" this problem, while nearly blatantly lying to folks and then increasing rates constantly.

How is Hyper Fusion different?

Hyper Fusion was founded in 2017 by 3 local Burnet County, TX residents with a strict mission in mind.  To TRULY be a provider that keeps its subscribers in mind first.  Not because we have to, but because its the right thing to do.  We use alot of different industry standard equipment and hardware, but we deploy and operate it VASTLY different than "the other guys".  We are always innovating new ways of delivering internet, subscriber care, and our services to the communities that we serve.  Because we simply do nothing more than use the same gear everyone else does, we just do it better, more effectively, more reliably, and as a result are able to provide the fastest, most reliable internet services at the most affordable rates around.

The price we tell you is the price on your invoice ( plus sales tax ). - Ever go to a hotel and see the price on the sign, and then by the time your about to pay, the price is suddenly $43 more then what was listed on the sign?  Sooo annoying.  Just list the final price on the flippin hotel/motel signs please already, seriously.

18 Different fees, we don't have em - I'm sure everyone has gotten a mobile phone bill or home cable bill, and the flippin' thing is 4 pages long even though you only have a single service and its LOADED with fees, 1/2 of which no one has ever even heard of.  Yes, we get the fees, they need to be paid.  Those are a cost of doing business as a telecommunications provider, and we firmly believe, not only does it cost extra time and money to plug these fees onto every account, but it seems like an awfully shady practice to tell people one price to hook them into a contract, and then add all those fees.  How the FTC doesn't see this as bait and switch, we'll never know.  We firmly believe that the price businesses should be allowed to advertise is the price AFTER all taxes, fees, and applicable shipping and handling.  PERIOD.

Hometown Care Support - Most providers simply trap most folks who call up or try and get help when they do have an issue in phone systems and pointless "Chat AI Support Bots".  We tried out some of these things, we just found them impersonal, pointless, and for most average customers, it just didn't provided any value or improved experience with their service, so it went the way of the wind.  We have taken a STRICT stance to ONLY hire subscriber care agents to help our subscribers directly from the county in which we are providing service.  This not only helps support local economies instead of farming out subscriber care over seas or out of state and keeps those dollars in the counties from which our revenue is earned.It also gives each one of our subscriber care agents a distinct advantage because they get to know regulars, local issues only local people would know about, and helps support their local economy.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple, to "Fuse the Community".  Hyper Fusion takes a focus on all the areas and groups that all this broadband funding is leaving behind.  We've taken a strong commitment to focus on rural areas, low-income families, beginners, "non-tekkies", and other disparaged groups specifically.  Hyper Fusion dedicates 10% of its net profits every month to a special fund/account and we are now trying to add to that by seeking out grants, donations, and other forms of funding.  We want to show all the communities we serve that together, we can boot-strap this mega project and really put a dent and TRULY start to bridge the gap in the "Digital Divide" thru an initiative created by one of our Co-Founders, Andrea Raynor, we call "Fuse the Community".

If you want more information on how you can help us promote our "Fuse the Community" initiative and bring better internet to all Texans, please email info@hyperfusiontech.com  or text our primary number at 512-790-2250.  You can also watch the short video below for more details on all community enrichment programs "Fuse the Community" supports.


We are also asking ALL our website visitors who read this, subscriber or not, to download our prewritten "Grand Referral" letter, and either simply edit the signature line, print, and email into support@hyperfusiontech.com with the signed copy scanned and attached (or postal mail to Hyper Fusion, LLC 3400 S Water St, Burnet, TX 78611.

There are many grants out there, however, not many grants for companies like ours, so in order to aid and assist in getting approved for the ones we do qualify for, we're asking everyone possible to submit a Grant Referral Letter so we can show the administrators of those grants how badly folks need internet.  We already have access to more than enough long-haul fiber, both privately owned, and partner fiber, and fiber access is available NOW, however, if your one of the folks struggling with the construction/install costs of fiber, then we're talkin' to you!

Download Link: https://www.hyperfusiontech.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/recommendation-letter.doc

Donations & Fund Raising

Hyper Fusion participates in many ways in our community, both with raising money for funds to bring those who are not able to get solid internet more affordable internet.  We have an annual Technology Scholarship we give to the Burnet Highschool, and in the 2023-2024 school year we will be starting one for Marble Falls Highschool as well.  Hyper Fusion also has a booth every year at the Burnet County's Bluebonnet Festival and try to take advantage of as many community events as possible to promote getting better more reliable internet into all the Central Texas communities we serve.  We believe investing in our communities we provide service to, is ultimately investing in Hyper Fusion itself.

Investors & Investments

Hyper Fusion takes a unique approach to increasing our "Fuse the Community" fund donations thru creative investments, both monetary and non-monetary.  We may buy used computers fix them up and then sell them.  Sometimes we purchase upgraded gear and give folks free upgrades, just all really depends on whether or not we think we can use it to increase the dollars we dedicate to this.

Additionally, we are also always seeking local and statewide folks who might be interested in funding in backing projects like building new repeater sites, running more long-haul fiber, and building out our sub-division Fusion Fiber networks.  We have several options available for investors depending on what kind of commitment you as an investor may want to support.

Connected Burnet County is completely plagiarized from Fuse the Community. Herb Krasner stole our confidential information that Hyper Fusion gave him and violated his agreement with our company. Hyper Fusion however specializes in digital education. Heather Gate with Connected Nation will learn the truth soon enough.