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We Won Locals Love Us Again For 2022!!

Award Winning Service & Subscriber Care

We are so happy to announce that we have won the Locals Love Us - Burnet for Best Internet Provider now 3 years running!!  Clearly Burnet has spoken and Hyper Fusion is the new leader around these parts for

Click to visit The Picayune site and read the story on page 16!

in-town and rural internet.  We're making it our goal thru the 2022 year to make sure that we cover EVERY square inch of every city in Burnet County with Fusion Fiber and every square inch we can't get a fiber line to for what ever reason we cover with 100 Mbps + capable internet with 95% or better uptime.  We are currently in the process of re-building both our Burnet Gateway and Kempner Gateway sites and interlinking them together.  Our Burnet Gateway rebuild is 100% complete and we're about 1/2 done with our rebuild of our Kempner Gateway.

We have also started the process to put a 3rd gateway in service located directly in downtown Georgetown, TX.  We will be of course interlinking our Georgetown Gateway with our existing Burnet and Kempner Gateways.  All 3 sites will have a completely different upstream provider to get access to the internet and have the ability to pass traffic to either of our other 2 gateway sites should 1 go off line.  We are also currently the ONLY incumbent rural provider in any of our active markets with this capability.  If their "head end" goes down, ALL their subscribers go down.  This has been proven time and time again with a lot of Lampasas and Marble Falls providers, just google the news paper stories about internet going out in Lampasas between 2017 - 2022.

That's the whole reason Hyper Fusion did what it did, and no matter how many people want to say otherwise, WE brought better internet to the Greater Highland Lakes area.  WE forced incumbent providers to step up their game. WE forced new providers to come in, new federal dollars to go around, and increased our local economy.  Hyper Fusion did that.  NONE of it happened until we started building towers and providing this amazing 100 Mbps internet capability.  We also don't require agreements on our fixed point wireless service at all, where as almost all others do.  Why?  Because they are scared of Hyper Fusion and they think a contract is their only way to stay alive and not go out of business and fold like Roll Call did.  We have NEVER paid for a dime of advertising, and don't have any plans to spend any time soon either.  We firmly believe, if you actually have good service and support, you don't need advertising.  We're FAR to busy as it is, helping and installing folks who got told about us by their neighbors.

How are we able to out perform every other provider with the same equipment?

This is quite simple, all of these other providers, especially the ones coming in from the outside, are not FROM Burnet.  Our field engineers are from here and we drive around Burnet County almost EVERY day on weird obscure back roads, unknown private roads, and every day we are always recording, and updating our engineering maps with new constructions, obstructions, and other factors that can impact fixed point wireless, 4G / 5G LTE services, and also fiber.  Where you have to rock drill, where there's dirt, what's in the right of way.  Simply put, our knowledge of our "home turf" is UNMATCHED by any other provider.  Our Technology Manager was a network engineering AND web designer / programmer who worked at a website hosting company before starting Hyper Fusion.  As a result, Hyper Fusion's capability to store, recall, and glean usable information from all this data results in Hyper Fusion having BY FAR the best network out of any other incumbent local provider.  They also have all really old gear that can't do more than 20 Mbps either.

We officially have brand new privately owned by Hyper Fusion fiber in the ground in the right of way on 281 and an ever growing amount of privately owned and installed utility pole network.

Another reason we have unseated the internet providers around here.....   Kinda gotta answer the phones, lol.  None of them do.  Google their numbers, try and call them.  90% of the time you get straight to voicemail, and no one ever calls you back.  Ask ANY Hyper Fusion subscriber.  We have a real time chat / voice / SMS communications platform that allows all our subscribers and staff to chat in the same chat room and get help in real time.  Our Communications platform and our strict "Home-Town Care" Subscriber Care model that we have pioneered reigns supreme among all others.  This keeps what ever Hyper Fusion staff your talking to, you KNOW 100% they LIVE in the same market you do, and understand what your going thru, can speak English and most likely, relies on their Hyper Fusion internet as much as you do.  We are so far ahead with our Subscriber Care than any other provider, that they just have no chance of being able to keep pace.  These are "business only" guys simply doing nothing but sucking a VASTLY over priced service out of its subscribers and not doing a thing to improve or help their subscribers.  Hyper Fusion was founded by 3 engineers.  And that's what makes the difference.  We want to make sure FIRST our network is supreme.  We understand with that in place, that the dollars will come.

Our next mission....

Wipe out all other incumbent rural providers in Marble Falls / Kingsland / Horseshoe Bay Area, specifically, EVERY fixed point wireless provider and "4G LTE reseller" and the one going around selling VASTLY over priced "akron" routers or what ever that garbage is ripping people off is what's going on there.  No longer will we let these shaddy so called "internet companies" that are actually just re-selling 4g service and saying they "do security" when they are just buying 3rd party gear and installing it.  They are not even providers, they are sales re-sellers and installers.  NONE of them, including the 2 bigger fixed point wireless providers operate or engineer their own networks.  They simply do not have the staff with the skills or talent and they can not afford to pay those that do.

Hyper Fusion is moving into these areas to put a stop to all this over charging, price gouging, horrible service, and horrible subscriber care.  Just like we up-ended internet in our Kempner Market, and Burnet Markets, now its time for Marble Falls / Kingsland / Horseshoe Bay areas.

Hyper Fusion Awards Technology Scholarship to Local Burnet 2021 Graduate

The last 12 months with the Corona virus and pandemic going around its made for extremely weird times.  Lots of businesses seem to fail due to closures.  However, not only did Hyper Fusion not die, but we thrived.  So much so, we decided that for the 2021 graduates, we would offer a $1,500 technology scholarship.  Pictured above is Cooper Stuteville, the graduate that we awarded the scholarship to.  We did so well we decided to give back to the local community who is responsible for all our rapid growth.

We’re also pleased to announce that next year, we’ll be doing our 2nd Annual Technology Scholarship to a Burnet Graduate for $2,500, and if they decide to work for us over the summer, at the end of the summer before they start school, we’re going to double that to $5,000.  We’re very happy to be a part of this community and will always strive to make it better and enrich the lives of all the folks who make Hyper Fusion able to thrive when most businesses are dying.

(Pictured below is the news paper clipping.  When the online story comes out we will update this post and post a link to it.)

Hyper Fusion Win’s Locals Love Us 2020!!

We can’t believe it.  I guess proof is in the pudding as they say.  But all our loyal subscribers voted us Best Internet Provider in Burnet for Locals Love Us 2020, Best of The Highland Lakes!  We are officially an award winning provider!  We have worked tirelessly over the past couple of years to ensure that not only do we have the fastest network in The Greater Highland Lakes area, but we also have the best prices around.  No one can top our Hometown Care model for customer support, and are technical expertise is unmatched compared to the other local providers in our class.

Over the next year we aim to improve out network by adding a 2nd tier and launching a true multi-honed and dual stacked IPv4 / IPv6 pure digital network.  We really want to leave out re-seller status behind and operate our own backbone internet network and participate in global internet routing.  On the link below, on the 101highlandlakes website, we are listed a little over half way down under “Home Services” / INTERNET PROVIDER


Lampasas: Area business speaks out against city feasibility study

Well folks, we couldn’t handle it anymore.  The current city leadership for Lampasas not only continually blatantly lies right to our faces but as it turns out they directly stole our engineering plans that we showed them, including exactly where outside fibers where, and on top of that, took a pay off from Nextlink of an insane amount of money in order to get exclusive rights to hang on the city poles.  Even our primary competitor in Lampasas County Roll Call was denied access.  Clear foulness is a-foot with the Mayor and City Manager both.

Alex Cano from KWTX Channel 10 news out of Waco, TX interviewed us and we where as honest as possible with the interview.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The city of Lampasas continues to take in suggestions on what kind of internet service people want in their homes or businesses.

It all started with an major power outage in 2017.

“Folks will probably remember in the summer of 2017 we had four to five outages where basically our town was shutdown. Banks had to close their doors, people couldn’t take credit card payments and phones were not working. At that point we felt the city had to step up and at least do an assessment of what we could potentially do” Lampasas city manager, Finley deGraffenried said.


Verify: Is Hyper Fusion Technology A Scam?

So, it would seem that a particular nasty person who signed up tried to go on the video news, the very same one that did the first news stories on us and try and lie about us and tell everyone we were a scam.  Well, Andrew Moore investigated once again, and he proved by talking to several of our very happy and live subscribers that we are in fact NOT a scam.  And the claims that we are a scam where proven FALSE!  It’s quite atrocious that someone would out right slander us on the TV news.  But there it is.  Click the link below to watch the news story for yourself.  It seems no matter how hard you try, you’ll always have haters!


Competing internet service coming to Lampasas area

As printed by KCEN news on Oct 9th, 20217 @ 12:16am

Some Lampasas residents are thrilled after seeing a new potential internet services recently. The company, Hyper Fusion Technologies, said the Lampasas area has been lacking in broadband services. So, the organization is setting up new towers to accommodate those residents. Locals told Channel 6 News the area needs more competition in a variety of other aspects as well.

However, they kinda got it wrong, at that time, we were already live with our first tower Kempner North as well as our Kempner South tower, but that’s okay.  We forgive them.


More Internet Options Come to Lampasas

We’re really getting popular now folks, we were featured on KCEN Channel 6 – Waco (NBC) news today. It was really awesome to see something we built on the news!  Hyper Fusion is going to become the dominant rural provider in the Greater Highland Lakes area for sure!  This video is an extended one of the one posted on the 5 o’clock news.  It would seem that the news story featured early has caused our new subscriber signups to sky rocket, so please be mindful folks, new installs maybe delayed now as a result.


More Internet Options Come to Lampasas

Holy crap, we’re all in a bit of shock the news called us up to do a news story on Hyper Fusion!  The Co-Founders have been working rural internet in the Greater Highland Lakes area and we’ve never seen any other rural provider featured on the news before!  This is totally awesome.  I wonder what this is going to do for our new subscriber signups?  Hopefully it won’t get to crazy.  Click the link below to watch the news story as it was broadcast on the 5 o’clock news!