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Generally speaking, if its light outside outside of the above posted hours, you can always try SMS texting our Main Number @ 512-790-2250 with your question and if someone is available to field your text they will.  If no agent is available, you will get an "agent not available" return text and you can either try again another time ( if its light outside of course, we don't have any 3rd shift subscriber care agents yet ) or you can email   and someone will reply to you as soon as we can.

If you are a new subscriber trying to fine out if service is possible, please email your phone number, name, physical address, and decimal gps coords to

Existing Subscribers





Fusion Portal
24/7 ticket support.  Check your service details, invoices, payments, and more.

Phone Support
Monday - Friday 9am to 4PM CST

Phone #: (512)-790-2250

HFT Web Chat Support
Monday - Friday 9am to 4PM CST
(Look for the little red message bubble icon on any page of our main website.)


Sales Engineering Team
Monday - Friday 9am to 4PM CST
Call during normal hours, after hours if its still light out, texting only.

Phone#: (512)-790-2250

Abuse Complaints & Law Enforcement Inquiries
File a compliant about abusive IP's, network activity, or SPAM, or other complaints about our services or subscribers or, if your with a law enforcement agency, you can email the same address.

HFT Online Self Help & Pre-Sales Questions & Articles
We have a small catalog of knowledge base articles to assist you in the most basic questions asked by our customers.

The Direct URL for the Knowledge base is