Business Services

Fusion Business Network

Owning a business in Rural Texas can take it's toll on you when you have unreliable internet. Between loss of revenue because your card machines do not work, and having to deal with customer frustrations, not having dependable internet can damage the reputation of your business.   Join our Fusion Business Network when you sign up for Fusion Fiber and together we will find a solution for your business needs!  Hyper Fusion is proud to announce that we are building out an entirely separate network for businesses  of all sizes. This includes small to medium sized businesses, local government buildings, and schools.  The owners of Hyper Fusion live and work in the same areas as our customers and we understand the frustrations when "The other guy" goes down. Sometimes it can take weeks to get back online and this causes a negative impact not only on your business but our on our local economy as well. By joining our Fusion Business Network you will receive  Fusion Fiber for your business as well as the benefits of ads on our website, customer portal, and YouTube channel.  When you Fuse with Hyper Fusion, you are not only helping your business but our entire community. Check out our information below or contact us for more details. Fusing our Community includes making sure businesses like yours stick around for a long long time.

What can Hyper Fusion do for my business?

  • Join our Fusion Business Network! This includes advertising on our website, YouTube channel, and ratings from LOCAL customers!! Don't depend on a google review where anyone can say anything whether they've used your business or not. Join Fusion Business Network today!!!
  • Host website/email server. Our servers are in Burnet, Tx and run off the same Fusion Network as our internet. This will allow customers a smoother experience when visiting your website and better security for your website and email server.
  • Build/maintain bustiness website. Why pay some corporate company to make the same cookie cutter site as everyone else? Talk with our web designer today and we can create a one of a kind website for your one of a kind business!!
  • Phone services. Contact us for more details. We have something to guaranteed to fit your needs!
  • Security. We offer cameras, door locks, and everything you need to keep your business location secure!

Hyper Fusion is here for the community. Check below for more information about what we can do for your business!

Internet & Data Services

  • Fixed Point Wireless Internet
    ( Shared & Dedicated )
  • Fiber To The Premise Internet
    ( Passive or Dedicated / Metro Link )
  • Fusion Private Link
    ( Use our WAN Network as your multi-location businesses' private LAN network and/or SD-WAN core )
  • Business 4G LTE World Wide Mobile Services
  • CCTV System Design & Installation


Provider Tower Co-Location

We have an ever growing wireless radio tower network that we offer co-location to mobile and other wireless providers like 2-Way audio providers, television, radio, and others.  Just make sure you email  for more information and we'd love to have you co-location your equipment on our network.

Internet Related Services

All the wonderful services listed below are provided by and offered by our web technology partner, efkolos.  Started and founded by Chris, our Chief of Technology, you have nothing to worry about with your web technology needs with efkolos.  You can expect the same great service and Hometown Care support you already get with Hyper Fusion. =)

Domain Services

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Portfolio Management
  • DNS Relay
  • Domain Brokerage
  • Network Domain Management

IT Services

  • IP Network Management
  • Wireless Network Management
  • FCC Registration Services
  • Frequency Licensing Sales
  • IT Infrastructure Services
    ( Security, CCTV, Physical )
  • Commercial Canon & HP Print Services
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • Forensic Video & Image Analysis

Web Hosting Services