We are currently only hiring Customer Premise Engineers (installers).  You’ll be working and driving all over the highland lakes area primarily in Burnet, Lampasas, Bell, Williamson, and Blanco counties enjoying those wonderful hill country views!


All field staff are required to have the following:

  • A Valid Texas Drivers License
  • Criminal History clear of any violent crimes, theft, drugs, or alcohol offenses
  • A clean driving record
  • 2 solid working drills
  • Full set of speed wrenches
  • Full set of deep sockets with attachments for drills
  • Tool Belt as you’ll be on roofs
  • Newer 5g wireless device for testing internet speeds

Junior CPEs (Customer Premise Engineers)
Junior CPE’s primary duties include:

  • Attaching satellite arms and 10 – 40 foot telescoping masts to customer structures.
  • Running cable lines from outside structures, in attacks, and inside the customer structure
  • Setting up ladders at job sites
  • Making sure all tools and vehicle contents are stored and transported correctly
  • Assist Senior CPE in radio pointing and signal testing
  • Clean up job sites after installations

No experience is required, however, understanding how roofs are made, or having prior roofing or home building experience is preferred.  Pay for Junior CPE’s ranges from $12.50 / hr to $15.00 / hr depending on how effective you work.  Working the field for a rural internet provider can be at times demanding.  General work hours are 8am to 6PM, but some days may require CPE’s to arrive earlier or stay later.  As a general rule of thumb, we will work from sunup to sundown, monday thru friday.

Senior CPEs (Customer Premise Engineers)
All CPE Senior’s will be issued a company field engineer  mobile phone and will be required for all customer and inter-office communication and not to be used for personal purposes.  Otherwise, below is a list of required tools and gear as well as vehicle requirements to qualify for a Senior CPE position.

  • Must own a truck or van cable of safely carrying a 40 foot extension ladder
  • Vehicle MUST have current minimum insurance coverage required by law.
  • Must have 2 a-frame mighty giant or comparable ladders
  • Must have full kit of exterior 12 – 18 inch breech drill bits, masonry, brick, metal, wood, and all purpose
  • Must have several wire fish kits
  • Must have solid gas powered portable generator cable of driving a heavy duty reciprocating saw or a solid battery powered reciprocating saw instead
  • Must have a 10,000 mAH or larger mobile battery pack
  • Must have a newer tablet with dual band wireless card
  • Must have 2 pairs of reliable Ethernet crimpers
  • Have a solid working laptop with either Windows 7 or Debian / Ubuntu Installed and dedicated for work

In addition to the above vehicle and tools, skills required at a minimum to qualify for a Senior level CPE are listed here:

  • Be able to terminate outdoor grounded Ethernet connector ends
  • Be able to fully configure most standard consumer wireless routers
  • Have a basic understanding have how to adjust a laptop and mobile phone IP address
  • Be able to professionally and effectively interact with customers in the field
  • Have a basic understanding of how a short 50 to 100 foot Rohn25g radio tower is constructed

– Pay is $16-$25 an hour depending on experience
– Must be comfortable climbing ladders and being on up to 2 and 3 story roofs
– Must understand basic of how a residential house is built
– Prior construction or roofing knowledge a plus

Master CPEs (Customer Premise Engineers)
Master CPE’s MUST have at least 2 years prior experience installing fixed point wireless internet to qualify for Master level CPE on hire.   Master CPE Pay is between $750 and $2,000 per / week salary depending on experience level.  Below is partial list of required skills for this position:

  • A full understanding of how to link a fixed point wireless station to an access point
  • A full understanding of being able to signal test and speed test installed circuits
  • Be able to troubleshoot non-working circuits
  • Be able to repair fixed point wireless circuits after storm damage effectively and quickly
  • Be detailed orientated and self motivated
  • Be able to speak with customers and able to schedule customers for repairs and troubleshooting appointments