High speed broad band access launching in Bertram, Lampasas, and surrounding areas. Launch speeds from 25Mbps-75Mbps with speeds as high as 1GIGABIT/s coming spring of 2018. Paying quarterly receives 1/2 month free, paying bi-yearly receives 1 month free, and paying yearly receives 2 months free. After 12 months of continuous service rate will drop by $10.  At Hyper Fusion Technologies we believe as a loyal customer for a year, you deserve a reward with a rate drop not a penalty with a rate hike.

All internet installs require a $300 setup fee for a basic eve mounted installation and an exterior wall breech.  If you want a custom interior wall-drop for your connection, we charge an additional $100 fee for this.   If you have high tree's or obstructions and require a 10 to 50 foot telescoping past to gain line of site, an additional fee for telescoping mast set up will be required between $50 and $300 depending on pole height. In most cases we try to install a physical Ethernet or fiber optic cable to the customer location which requires only $100 set up fee.  Dedicated wireless bridges (your own private access point on our tower for you to connect to) are available for a one time set up fee of $500 and an extra $79 per month for the service.

Don't be fooled, unless a provider is offering at least 25/Mbps of download speed,
the FCC DOES NOT count it as broadband internet!

Basic Broadband Plans
Download Upload Bandwidth Limit Monthly Rate
Lite 25Mbps 5Mbps Unlimited $50
Standard 50Mbps 10Mpbs Unlimited $80
Plus 75Mbps 25Mbps Unlimited $120

The more friends you refer, the faster everyone gets a fiber optic connection direct to their location. Our refer-a-friend program is 2nd to none. Refer a friend, and receive a $50 credit on your account.  After you refer 5 friends, we will start mailing you $50 checks.  There are NO LIMITS on the number of friends you can refer to earn your $50 checks either.  Refer-A-Friend bounties are only paid though after your referral is connected and live and pays their first months subscription fee.

High Speed Internet Plans
Download Upload Bandwidth Limit Monthly Rate
Super 100 100Mbps 25Mbps Unlimited $150
Mega 200 200Mbps 25Mbps Unlimited $190
Sonic 300 (Requires dedicated link**) 300Mbps 30Mbps Unlimited $240
Super 400 (Requires dedicated link**) 400Mbps 40Mbps Unlimited $380
Hyper 500 (Requires dedicated high gain link ## ) 500Mbps 50Mbps Unlimited $500
Business 50 50Mbps 50Mbps Unlimited $100
Business 100 100Mbps 100Mbps Unlimited $250
Business 250 250Mbps 250Mbps Unlimited $550
Business 500 500Mbps 500Mbps Unlimited $850
Business 500+ Above 500Mpbs Above 500Mpbs Unlimited CALL FOR PRICE

* Requires full gigabit capable standard wifi router.

** A dedicated link consists of a matching radio being added to the repeater you would normally connect to that isn't shared with anyone. This requires an additional setup fee of $400.

*** Business plans are syncronous with gaurenteed speed and optimized for VoIP devices as well as remote access functions such as VPN, remote security system management, etc.

## A dedicated high gain link consists of a matching high gain radio being added to the repeater you would normally connect to that isn't shared with anyone. This requires an additional setup fee of $950.

The HyperNET is coming!

Hyper Fusion Technologies is working on something big that will revolutionize the internet as we know it today. We are going to super charge all your devices with hyper fast connectivity. With 100 Meg download to 300 Meg download speeds comparable to the high speed co-ax cable modems, Hyper Fusion's state of the are HyperNET is coming soon! Stay tuned to find out more when we launch the next evolution in data connectivity.