Coming Soon!

We may not have any information listed here yet, but if your interested in any of the services below, please email to get a quote from our dedicated business team. We have live business customers using many of our services already we just havn’t had time for our already over taxed webmaster to fill in all the webpages yet!

Hyper Fusion’s network is rock solid for business, as our peak network usage times are between 8PM and Midnight CST which leaves are network extremely clear during the average working day making Hyper Fusion a great choice for rock solid reliable business connections. Furthermore, we are, to our knowledge, the only provider that offers fiber to the business AND fixed point wireless services and have multiple 1 gig fiber lines creating a redundant system for extremely reliable uptime.

  • Dedicated Fiber Internet
  • Business Class Dedicated Wireless
  • VPN ( Hosted or Managed )
  • Cloud Storage
  • VPS & Dedicated Server Co-Location
  • Hosted Virtual PBX