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22 May by chief

Summer is Almost Here!

Getting In Touch With Hyper Fusion Staff Hey everyone, summer is almost here!  Thankfully most of the heavy storms that where impacting our network is finally over so things should become a lot more stable.  As our network has been in place now for almost 2 years, yes, that’s right, Hyper Fusion’s 2nd birthday is […]
27 Mar by chief

Now Hiring

Good news everyone!  Hyper Fusion is growing faster and stronger than anyone could have hoped for! With that in mind, we are in the beginning stages of putting together 2 more install teams.  2 Senior CPE’s and 2 Junior CPE’s.  I’m sure most of our currently waiting customers know we need more installers and we’re […]
20 Feb by chief

Customer Support Annoucement

Hey everyone, just a quick post to help inform everyone of our customer support process to make getting help much faster and more effective.   First and foremost, we did some massive updating to our phone system over the weekend and somehow it wiped out all our new voicemails.  So if you’ve left a voicemail in […]
17 Feb by chief

Our 2018 Fiber Projects

It was a lot of hardwork bringing fiber to Kempner & Lampasas but we did it.  Here is a photo gallery of our work.  Unlike the “other guys” we have proof we drill our own fiber.  Here it is.  We also build our own towers and get them put up.  We’re proud to show off […]
3 Feb by chief

Lampasas And Kempner Signal Maps Released

Hey there everyone, we decided we would make a quick post to show you our exact signal coverage in the Lampasas Kempner area.  If your not in a green area, don’t worry, there are LOTS of repeaters around, these are just our high speed 1/2 gpbs + repeaters, it does not mean we can’t get […]