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    We give credits of up to $200 after installation for pre-existing qualifying fixed point wireless circuits from the list of providers below.

    Before you signup...

    Please note the following items before you click the "sign up now" button below;

    • If your property is a rental property, we will need a rental authorization form signed by your landlord giving Hyper Fusion implicit permission to install brand new internet infrastructure lines and mounts on the structure service is being requested for.  Of course, if you own the property, this is not required.
    • If you do not want anything bolted to your roof, please research our available mount options by CLICKING HERE and figure out which mounting option you'd prefer and then during the signup wizard process, make sure you select "Custom Install" instead of Standard Install.  This will delay your installation process some due to having to engineering a custom solution to meet your requirements.
    • Exact decimal GPS Coords to the structure are required, due to the fact that most of our requests are in extremely rural areas.   The easiest way to get them if your on a desktop, laptop, or other computer is to visit, find yourself on the map, then right mouse click and the decimal GPS coords are automatically copied into your devices clip board.  If you signup using a mobile phone or tablet or similar device that has a GPS receiver in it, the signup form allows you to capture your GPS location if you happen to be at the service location when you sign up.  Otherwise, you'll still need to find yourself on the map.
    • Photos are extremely important, especially of your tree line facing away from your house.  It helps us ensure that we get the correct mounting solution for your specific location and environment prior to install so we don't have to make a 2nd trip out to conduct a "boots on the ground survey" of the property to collect the data we need.  Once a sales engineer checks your service request below for service, they will instruct you as to which photos are best taken to ensure the fastest installation turn around time possible.