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All internet installs require a $250 activation fee for a basic eve mounted installation and an exterior wall breech.  If you want a custom interior wall-drop for your connection, we charge an additional $100 fee for this.  This setup fee is extremely typical of most fixed point wireless providers, as typically, the wiring and installation requirements fixed point requires is not preinstalled in most modern homes yet.  If you have high trees or obstructions which may require a 10 to 40 foot telescoping past to gain line of site, an additional fee for telescoping mast set up will be required between $50-$300 depending on pole height.  In most cases, we try to install a physical Ethernet or fiber optic cable to the customer’s location which requires only $100 set up fee.  Dedicated wireless bridges (your own private access point on our tower for you to connect to) are available for a one time set up fee of $500 and an additional $79 per month for the service.

If you are interested in subscribing to one or more of our services, please fill out the form and click the button below to get started.

Please note:  When Hyper Fusion Technologies conducts our surveys, we may not always make direct contact on-site.  However, we will call 30 to 60 minutes before we arrive to make the property owner aware that we will be on-site.   We will also create a new support ticket to make the subscriber aware that the survey is complete.  We are looking for any obstructions, high trees, and other high items that face towards our repeaters.