Friday Night Stream

What is the Friday Night Stream?

Every Friday night (unless otherwise posted) Hyper Fusion hosts a Friday Night Stream where our Technology Manager and other staff stream on YouTube Live and we operate the little chat feature and answer all manner of any questions regarding internet technology or related items.    Additionally we live stream our desktop sharing to give folks some interactive video help with all manner of technology or internet related questions.   Once the stream is completed, we cut out the dead air time between questions, recompile without any ads and then add it to our Patreon account so people can review historical questions.

Be sure to subscribe and watch our live streams and like all our videos.  We are pushing super hard to get up to 2,000 subscribers as fast as possible.  Once we do, we will be giving away free internet service credits, free gadgets, TV's, game consoles and more.  If your already an active subscriber, we're not waiting until we hit 2,000 subscribers.  Watch our live streams and get a chance at getting a credit on your internet bill!

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We will also be broadcasting the following weeks local weather and discussing some of the current internet technology events going on.  We'll be doing reviews on routers, internet devices, smart TV's, movies, TV shows, and other related items.  Just another way that we're striving to be different from everyone else and think of new unique ways to do things that other internet service providers just do not do.

Hyper Fusion is always coming with unique and awesome ways to provide the latest, most accurate, best information for all our subscribers, and potential subscribers alike.  We are going to be working hard over the spring building our Streaming presence and really working hard with locally owned businesses to heavily promote shopping local.  It helps out local economy and really helps ensure all the residents in counties we serve are as comfortable as possible, at least with regards to their internet and internet technology news.

Local Shoutouts

We will ONLY advertise local business that are restricted to stores only within 1 or 2 counties.  If your an internet subscriber of ours, chances are we'll produce a shout out video for you ( or run your video commercial ad you already have ) for free or next to nothing.  We run our local shout outs during our weekly friday night stream as well as during most live major weather event or civil unrest event to give your local small business the most exposure possible.  Paying the small fee we do ask from non-subscribers helps keep our streams and the information, how too's, and guides free for everyone to help make the internet a safer place for everyone.

Live Stream Chat Etiquette

As with most anything we do, we kindly ask that you observe a few simple guidelines while engaging in live chat during one of our live streams.  First and foremost, please keep the chatter to the topic at hand.  If you have a question, concern, or comment unrelated to the topic at hand, we will of course be able to address that issue via HFT Chat, texting our primary number ( 512-790-2250 ) or by submitting a support ticket thru your Fusion Portal or by emailing in from your email address on file.

As most of our streams are going to be centered around helping folks with technology stuff, we ask that you please be kind and understand while we help guide folks thru all the information and do not judge, make fun of, speak nasty about, or cuss at all in the group chat during the live stream.  It's just not needed.  We're doing this to try and help people.  We will also not tolerate AT ALL any comments or remarks regarding politics, religions, someone's race, gender, religious affiliation, or any other reason.  On this live stream, WE ARE ALL JUST PEOPLE LOOKING TO BRUSH UP ON THEIR TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE, and that's it.

Finally, no illegal chatter.  We will investigate it and report what ever we find.  No talking about hurting, killing, or otherwise engaging in ANY nefarious activities against any other personal, animal, or property.  Our Friday Night Stream is meant to help people and we certainly can't have our channel filled with garbage or no one will want to participate.

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What is The Hyper Fusion Network?  Simply put, its the beginning seeds of our broadcasting network.  Weather we stream our shows and content on YouTube, Facebook, Patreon, or others, we'll always have great content posted.  A big part of the Hyper Fusion Network is our local businesses with in the areas we provide service.  We don't promote big box or chain stores we for the most part only promote small locally owned and operated businesses, small online or brick and mortar companies, freelancers, realtors, and etc.

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