Hyper Fusion Scholarship Program

2024 Scholarship Details

We are very please to announce that we will be doing our 4th Annual Hyper Fusion Technology Scholarship.  This scholarship is open to all Burnet ISD Highschool Seniors graduating in 2024. We will be offering several different scholarships for our 2024 season which are listed below.

Internet Scholarship:  In order to qualify for this $2,500 scholarship the student must be going into a field specifically related to internet transmission, internet operation, or any field or degree related specifically to delivering internet.  (ie, Networking, Server Administration, IT Administration, systems operation, satellite technology, and related fields )

Technology Scholarship: In order to qualify for this $1,000 scholarship, the student must be going into a field broadly related to technology or advanced technology field or degree in any general technology degree. (ie, Video Game Design,  digital media design, medical and all related, graphics design, entertainment production not acting or modeling or singing but movie making special effects, etc )

Summer Internship Program

Summer of 2024 we will officially begin our summer internship program.  Our Summer Internship program is open to all Burnet ISD and Marble Falls ISD students who either just completed their junior year or are just graduating.  This summer we will be accepting only 10 candidates for our summer internship program.  Thru out the course of the summer as we go thru our different activities, daily work, and program educational classes, we will be unfortunately sending 8 home thru out the summer.  Our 2 graduate interns will be then sent off to college and the following year, which ever student excels the most we will select one to pay off the rest of their education costs required to obtain their degree.

Once we get our Fusion Summer Camp going we're really hoping all of our Summer Interns will volunteer as a camp counselor or volunteer.

Continuing Education

We are pleased to announce that we will be inviting our 2021, 2022, and 2023 scholarship winners back again for the 2024 Season to receive a $1,000 ongoing education scholarship, provided they are of course still in school with at least a B+  average.