Halloween Weekend Update

25 Oct by Hyper Fusion

Halloween Weekend Update

First, we would like to apologize we havn’t posted a weekend update in a few weekends as we have been busy helping in the field and conducting other business so we figured we would put out this weekends update a little early as we move into the weekend.  As the month draws to a close there have been some ups, and there have been some downs.  I figure best to start with the downs.

Google Hangouts Closing & New Platform for Realtime News Group Chat Required

As much as it sucks we’ve known for sometime this was going away.  We have created a voting form for all our loyal customers to choose the new platform we move to in order to handle the realtime news group chat.  We have selected the choices based off our programmers knowledge and abilities to link them into our communications platform.  Voting will close Nov. 1st and that weekend we will impliment the top voted platform for the new real time news group chat.  Here is a link to the anonymous voting form:


Kempner North

Monday, November 4th we have a scheduled job to take down the North network completely.  We’re having to repair the fiber line that one of our old terminated staff from this summer attempted to do and turns out they can not terminate fiber like we had expected.  In some rare cases during heavy network load speeds off random customers are effected by this so we are replacing all the ends and calling in a professional fiber company to fix the ends since this particular staff whom we can not name refuses to return our fiber tools so that we can and those are specialized tools that you can’t just go down to the home depot and buy.  We are going to do this early in the morning at 7 am, and shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete.  Additionally, we will be installing a full professional dual cabinet fiber DMARC ground mounted fiber DMARC equipment enclosure with our shiny new permit to put in the right of way as the Primary Lampasas County Fiber Gateway, and we will be removing the shaddy old equipment shed that’s there now as well as completely replacing all lines on the tower and upgrading the west and south access points to the super heavy duty big Gen 6 chesty access points.

Additionally as 580 Midway ( Little Repater ) and Adamsville South ( yes, that’s adamsville south, we do have a repeater a good 18 to 20 miles north of Lampasas we’ve never announced until now ) are growing, we will be adding 2 dedicated backbone radios for both of those sites since they are currently connecting to the west AP and causing it to clog up with traffic at peak times.  We will also be adding a full DC circuit with 4 day batter system to prevent any stupid power problems and a chesty lightning arresting system.   We will be making climbs here and there completing this in phases and completing it with the fiber being repaired and the kempner North site officially becoming the Lampasas County Gateway.

In order to merge the 2 networks into one, and get it so all customer circuits can use either gateway depending on weather its up or down, or under heavy load or light load, we have to add some networking gear to several of our tower sites, so this will take some time to complete.  Once we are complete with this process we can fully roll out the IPv6 network and no more X-Box problems for anyone.

Briggs / Arrowhead

For reasons we can not release yet we had to disassemble the Arrowhead repeater.  We will be moving it over the next 2 weeks to another location we had been working on lining up.  Thru going out there to recover our gear and our utility pole transport trailer, we have learned it had been damaged and destroyed beyond repair.  As such, the Briggs installations will have to be delayed a week so we can hire a transport company to come move the utility poles for us.  This situation ended up completely outside our control and we do apologize about this and will get the work completed just as soon as we can.  We know there are lots of folks in that area and a few businesses anxiously waiting on this site to be completed.

Burnet South Fiber Gateway

We’ve had a delay with the power situation, seems our work order got screwed up somewhere when we had ordered a 125amp service, we purchased all 125amp rated gear and our power pedistal got a 200amp main so we’re waiting for that to come get switched out next week so we can get our power meter installed and the fiber fired up.

Equrina Big Tower

The big insane huge tower trench for the Equrina big tower and preparation of the tower base foundation and guy points is all set to be complete with concrete dropped mid next week and we will be building the tower with in a few days after that pending weather works with us.

7 Creeks Backbone Repair

We should be making the climb on Burnet Main for this repair on Monday.  All 7 creeks customers are still effected by the wonky speed issue.

Kingsland North

We will be adding a chesty full gig backbone radio pair from Eagles Nest to Kingsland North.  Kingsland is one of our fast growing areas so its just time.  We’re hoping to do this mid next week and the few active customers that are down or having had completed installs will be completed the same day and couple of days after.

Council Creek ( North Lake Buchanan / Spider Mount area / Wolf Creek )

Our Council Creek repeater site is rock solid now and we will be adding a chesty full gig backbone radio pair from Eagles Nest as well to serve that area.  That area is also one of our faster growing areas.   We will be completing a bigger permanent tower at the same site after Halloween and all the customers out there will be re-pointed to the new tower right after.

Kempner Main / Chica Ranch

This is our very next big job up as soon as weather allows.  We will be raising the Kempner Main tower located at the Our Friends 2 park an additional 20 feet and putting up the SUPER beefy radio pair we just took down from arrowhead up which will super charge this link, and provide WELL more than enough bandwidth for all our current customers and about another 75 to 80 customers we’re calculating, but to keep everyone speedy, we’re going to limit it to 50 until we get Kempner North hardline fiber connected.

Chica Ranch Fiber To The Home

We have just 2 more land owners to get in touch with to get the clearances that Hamilton requires for us to hang fiber to chica.  We do have our DMARC site secured and ready to go just still working on the leg work.  We’re REALLY hoping to get it in before black friday, but it’s probably going to be in December before the first installs start going in.We just finally got out there to repair the original fiber to the home customer we had live that one of the old staff we terminated this summer cut trenched and cut right thru.

Drastic Overall Performance Increase

As some of you know, and some of you don’t, we had a drastic change in staff in the beginning of June of this summer.  Additionally we there was the tornado in Kempner that took out our Kempner South repeater site and roughly 80 customer circuits that had been installed by the staff that where terminated that they took short cuts on and didnt’ install guy lines or improperly installed mounts and all the damage caused by the storm from these improper installations.  Will has worked tirelessly since then to repair everyone, and we’re down to less than 10 left.  He’s also repaired alot of the tower work that the previous staff had drastically messed up as well.

For the most part, our network is nearly back to 100% now.   Since Will is fully back at the help of Hyper Fusion and had full control back of everything and flushed the inferior staff and replaced them with much more capable folks we’ve had a drastic shift all the way around on all fronts.  Our new office manager has managed to help get us all in shape to pick up our customer support response and communication which has drastically improved.  Our new business manager / CFO whose actually qualified to be doing that sort of work with multiple decades of experience has managed to work with a books person we hired to completely rebuild our books from scratch, gotten all our sales tax, and federal taxes, and all that jazz all filed and caught up since they where behind and even got a good chunk of them paid and well on our way to having them all paid off.  We’ve gotten alot of our backbills caught up and other annoying little things left un-done done and complete.  Revenues are up, service quality is getting better, and we’re about to have a major upgrade to the south network.  Our Alexa traffic ranking graph over the past 90 days along with the revenue increases and our new properly formed business team have really managed to get Hyper Fusion back on track and well on our way to becoming the dominant internet provider in the Greater Highland Lakes area.  Just look at the Alexa rankings from our competitors below.  Proof is in the pudding folks.

On a much bigger note, we are just a few weeks away from releasing our first new custom radios with built in backup 4G LTE connections.  That’s right folks, we’re packing the power of the mobile hotspot right into our radios so your never all the way out of internet. Our new custom radio comes with built in 4G LTE fail over back up provided by our nationwide 4g LTE partner and get all the benifits of the several new 4G LTE providers right into your fixed point wireless radio and never have to worry about being totally out of internet again.  If your interested in one of these new custom radios that you can ONLY get thru Hyper Fusion cause we’re building em ourselves, then email sales@hyperfusiontech.com  with 4G LTE backup radio in the subject line, and we’ll get you on the list.