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Now Live in Jarrell, TX

We are so very pleased to announce we have completed construction on several brand new Hyper Speed internet towers.  Internet Jarrell we've heard has been less than lack-luster.  These towers can allow us to link up to 200 wireless subscribers and up to 800 direct hardline Fusion Fiber to the home or business.   We are fully BBB Accredited, A+ rated, and currently have 4.7 out of 5 stars with lots of reviews.  We also have won the locals love us for best internet provider 3 years running in the Burnet, TX area and now we've expanded to Jarrell Texas folks!

We are locally owned, operated, and founded based on our principle of "Fusing the Community" thru our amazing offerings, extremely talented co-founders, and a fresh new way of delivering internet that's as fast, as stable, and more reasonably priced then even most cable or other non-fiber hardline offerings.  We have the best name in subscriber care with our "Hometown Care" support model.   We have a real time chat, broken down by county, where all subscribers and staff can chat with each other ( much like discord or slack ) to get help around the clock.   We're also one of the very few providers you can text into the main number and get to text with an ACTUAL staff member quite quickly.

Video Testimonials

We’re Hiring!

Now Hiring Mini-Tower Crews

Been looking for a better job?  Just scope out the photos below.  What we're looking for is very simple.  2 people to build the little 4 to 6 section ( sections are 10 feet each ) little mini rohn 25g radio towers.  We have a very big back log of orders and need more installers.  All you would be doing is building the towers.  Sometimes we put TV Antennas on them, sometimes internet, sometimes, mobile extenders, just all depends, but you won't have to mess with any electrical, equipment gear, JUST BUILD THE TOWER, and install the ground rod, and that's it.  No enclosures, no nothing, just build the tower.  If you don't dilly dally, should take the average person 2 hours to dig the hole, and 2 hours to put 2 sections together and drop it in the hole, get it level, and put the concrete in.  Then you go for lunch for an hour to 2 hours, come back, and put up the other 2 to 4 sections using our nifty little section hoist that has a pole that sticks up a foot past the top of the tower so you just simply use the rope, person on the ground hoists it up, person the tower slips it into place, and plugs 6 bolts in there and tightens them up.   The way we do towers, there will NEVER be any guy lines.  Everything you see pictured will be the same way every time.  Always bolted to the side of a structure.  You can come as a single person, or a pair, either way, pay is the same and by the job and 1099, and you make your own schedule, use your own tools ( we'll provide the gin pole hand crane for lifting sections ) and all job materials, and equipment, you provide your own way to Burnet to pick up materials and to the job site.

$500 for a 4 section mini tower
$600 for a 5 section mini tower
$700 for a 6 section mini tower

If you figure your working 4 hours, take 2 for lunch, work for 4 hours, that's 10 hours, so for a 4 section mini tower, that's roughly $50/hr minimum.  If we really get going, and you have 3 people, and 1 person going around building bases, and the other 2 putting up sections, the 3 of you could probably rail 2 towers in a day, split 3 ways, could walk away with $2100 total, or $700 each

Use the link below to submit your information if your interested in building these mini-radio towers for us.

Mini Tower Example Images

Fight To Get Tower Climbers Declared As First Responders

#firstresponders #Lineman #police #firefighter #EMS #towerclimber #towerclimbing
We firmly believe the first responder logo should look more like this, and not only include lineman who just got their designation to be first responders last year. It's time to include tower climbers as none of the other 4 would be able to communicate and do their jobs without tower climbers. #facts
Please, please, please folks, everyone comment if you agree, like the post, and share with everyone you know. I couldn't find this logo anywhere so I decided to create it. Please spread it around!

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HFT Social Media Presence Revamp

The Restoration And Learning Process

As lot of our current subscribers know, early on, as a company we did not really use social media in the way we should have so some time ago we pretty much shut everything down.  With many lessons learned both with careful management and the how to's of why and what to do with it we have spent the last few weeks as some of our subscriber may already know re-vamping our online social media presence.  From starting a YouTube Channel to creating a Patreon.  Hyper Fusion is constantly forging the way with new and interesting ways to deliver only the best to our subscribers and our fellow community members in the areas in which we provide service.

Social Media Profiles

We have for the most part gotten all the social media profiles we feel apply to what we're doing all set up and populated with the basic information required and enough in there to let folks know its us.  To start, the sites we're focusing on are;

  • YouTube
  • Patreon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Nextdoor
  • Google

You can get the links to all our previously existing and new social media profiles by checking out the "Support Us" page and CLICKING HERE.

HFT Co-Founders, Chris, Will, and Andrea

Benefits of Engaging

The biggest piece we're going to be launching along with this social media revamp is our patreon.  Kinda basically is a monthly membership platform.  We're offering it as a way to encourage folks to engage more and really help "Fuse the Community" along with us.  Some of the perks and benefits of getting a membership with our patreon will include, but are not limited to;

Active HFT Subscribers

  • Free Onsite Repairs
  • Free Onsite Wi-Fi/Network Optimizations
  • Priority Support
  • Priority Storm Repair
  • Access to Exclusive Content
  • Free Raffle Tickets for the Hyper Fusion Annual Subscriber Care Birthday Bash

Non-HFT Subscribers

  • Exclusive 1-on-1 remote technical support ( for most items, not Apple related, we just don't have an Apple person on staff right now )
  • Hyper Fusion Promotional Merchandise
  • Access to behind the scenes videos of what exactly it is we do here at Hyper Fusion.
  • Shout Outs during live streams
  • Discounts if you do end up becoming a Hyper Fusion internet suscriber

The Hyper Fusion Network

What is the Hyper Fusion Network?  - Put most simply, its the beginning of our all our broadcasting platform.   There are several things we're planning for this but to start, it will just consist of our streaming platform, how-to videos, Fuse The Community Initiative, the Fusion Business Network, and HFT Maps.  For this re-vamp launch though we will have the following new things available for both subscribers and some things for non-subscribers and the community in general!

  • Friday Night Streams - Every Friday night from 7PM-10PM CST Chris, our Chief Technology Officer conducts a live interactive question and answer stream and takes all manner of technology and internet related questions and will help answer them for you.  To learn more about the Friday Night Streams, CLICK HERE.
  • Wednesday Night Update - Every Wednesday from 5pm-6pm CST We will be doing a weather forecast for the upcoming week along with any planned network maintenance or issues with our network, delivery, fiber network, and/or servers.
  • Local Shoutouts - Subscribers who own business will enjoy completely free promotion of their business across the Hyper Fusion Network.  Non-Subscribers who own local business will also 100% have Local Shoutouts done for the, although for a very small fee.  It takes lots of power to edit videos and do these streams as we've learned.  To check out some of our very first Local Shout Outs, CLICK HERE.
  • Fuse the Community - Fuse the Community is an initiative that Andrea has spent months working on and we are now realizing.  For reasons that we're not going to go into the attempts from several residents and the County as a whole to get state funding for more fiber has failed.  This is what Hyper Fusion is doing about that.  to learn more about our Fuse the Community Initiative, CLICK HERE.
  • New Perks for Existing Subscribers - Several new perks are coming for existing subscribers.  Including but not limited to; most basic wireless circuits being unthrottled to run up to 100 Mbps x 100 Mbps during non-peak/non-load times with ZERO change in rate/bill/invoice, exclusive onsite service/support perks, zoom/video call how-to support for other home gadgets instead of just your router, and much much more.
  • Fusion Business Network - This will kinda wrap up all our services that help out small local businesses into great products and services including but not limited to;  airtime on our streams for your businesses
    advertisement, a listing in our HFT Maps local business directory, VoIP telephone service/setup/management,  promotional materials production, network management, heavier preference toward advertising your business over Local Shoutouts, including banner ads on all the "on-break/stand-by screens when on breaks", and so much more planned.   Another service we can do right now is all manner of filming for a business whether for a commercial advertisement, personal record, or what ever the reason we can handle it.  We have several drones, 4K compact but pro-advanced video cameras, still cameras, green screen backgrounds, colored backgrounds, umbrella lights, and a very powerful workstation with advanced digital editing and production software.  So be sure to ask about it.

We’re Officially a WISPA Member

What is WISPA?  The short answer, it stands for Wireless Internet Service Providers Association.   All first responders and industries for the most part have associations that they belong to in order to improve what ever it is they are doing.  In our case, internet service providing.  According to the website, they list this under their "About" section;

WISPA - Broadband Without Boundaries represents the interests of the evolving wireless Internet service provider (WISP) ecosystem: small innovative entrepreneurs who provide fixed wireless, fiber and other connectivity solutions to consumers, businesses, first responders and community anchor institutions. WISPs bring critical Internet access to millions of Americans in unserved and underserved rural, suburban, urban and Tribal areas of the country, offering reliable, cost-effective and innovative service options where they did not previously exist.

Joining WISPA will keep all Hyper Fusion Co-Founders, Managers, and Staff aware of all the latest technology, processes, and regulatory changes going on in the wireless world in order to solidify our position as one of the best internet providers in The Greater Highland Lakes area.  We are constantly looking for new ways to make our service and support nothing short of THE TOP INTERNET PROVIDER ACROSS THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS!

Moving forward Hyper Fusion is taking a STRONG stance in supporting the communities we serve thru our FUSE THE COMMUNITY INITIATIVE ( click here for more information ) and our mission to bring HIGHSPEED broadband data service to under served communities, groups, and geographic locations all over The Great State of Texas.  We are in the process of finishing off what's needed to complete our fancy "booth" setup for events like the ones listed below.  We are going to take a strong commitment to attending as many public/commissioners court meetings as we can in the communities we serve in order to support residents in getting local municipalities to help out in their drive for better, more reasonably priced internet/data services.  Some of the types of events will be attending with our "booth" in the 2023 year are;

  • WISPAMERICA 2023 ( Louisville, KY ) ( March 6-9 )
  • The Blue Bonnet Festival ( Burnet, TX )  ( April 7-9 )
  • Mayfest Carnival 2023 ( Marble Falls, TX ( May 4-7 )
  • Burnet County Fair 2023 ( Burnet, TX ) ( June 9-10 )
  • WISPApaloza 2023 ( Location TBA ) ( 1st week of Oct )

More events will be announced later on!

Unmatched Rural Internet Speeds


The screenshot at the right ( click on it to blow it up ) is from a real subscriber and the screenshot grabbed out of our REAL TIME 24/7 chat tech support.  Had her run a speed test.  She is on the 100 x 25 Mbps plan, and as you can see, she's pulling 686 x 564 down.  WELL over advertised speeds.  NO other provider in our service area is able to hit speeds like this and keep it stable.  Our BBB rating of 4.6 starts out of 5 and our A+ rating speaks for itself.  Still want more proof though?  We've won the Locals Love US vote for "Best Internet Provider" in Burnet for the last 3 years running.  There is just no substitute.  If you live in Central Texas,

Alot of folks just do not know we offer fiber not only in almost every town in Burnet County and Bell County, but also that ALL of our basic value fixed point wireless plans run up to 100 Mbps download and 100 Mbps starting at only $55!!  Don't be tricked by the big box providers tricking folks with "promotional rates only for a few months" having to rent gear, NOT TRULY BEING UNLIMITED!  EVERY OTHER WIRELESS PROVIDER SAYS RIGHT IN THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE THAT THEY WILL THROTTLE SPEED IF NETWORK CONDITIONS ARE POOR!


Fully BBB Accredited Business

Now Hiring Installers

Now Hiring!

We are now hiring for internet installers.  No experience?  No problem, we’ll give you paid training.  If you’ve successfully pointed and locked  a DirecTV or DISH Network satellite before, it’s pretty much just the same.

How much do we pay?

We pay WAYYY more than any other Fixed Point Wireless company out there.  An average installer with no experience just starting out,  should be able to plug 10 circuit per week once training is complete.  1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.  With that in mind, most average installers clear $900 to $1100 just starting out because we pay by job.   We pay extremely well, because as a well trained engineer, you are in charge of your own schedule and how many jobs you complete during the week, with a minimum requirement of 10 jobs a week.

How do I apply?

Quite simple really, just CLICK HERE .  Right at the top of the page there is a link to get to the online application which only takes a couple minutes to fill out.  Once submitted, if we like your application we’ll call you in for  an interview at our office and then 1 to 3 “audition jobs” where we determine if the job is right for you.  We pay $50 cash money for each audition install.  Every installer is required to have a reliable vehicle big enough to haul around ladders and other equipment/tools necessary to do the job. A full list of tools will be provided to you during the interview that you will be responsibile for having on you at all times when working.

Need a Math Tutor?

So, its part of our mission, not only to provide the best and most reasonably cost internet, but we also promote local freelancers and have a BIG dedication to education.  It is our mission to “fuse” our community together as well thru things just like this.

One of our subscribers, Angie Price is a mathematics tutor with over 34 years experience she says and she is now helping students grade 6 – 12 with their math.  We have her listed in our freelancers sections of our website, but you can call or text her at 512-920-2824 if your interested in hiring her.


We Won Locals Love Us Again For 2022!!

Award Winning Service & Subscriber Care

We are so happy to announce that we have won the Locals Love Us - Burnet for Best Internet Provider now 3 years running!!  Clearly Burnet has spoken and Hyper Fusion is the new leader around these parts for

Click to visit The Picayune site and read the story on page 16!

in-town and rural internet.  We're making it our goal thru the 2022 year to make sure that we cover EVERY square inch of every city in Burnet County with Fusion Fiber and every square inch we can't get a fiber line to for what ever reason we cover with 100 Mbps + capable internet with 95% or better uptime.  We are currently in the process of re-building both our Burnet Gateway and Kempner Gateway sites and interlinking them together.  Our Burnet Gateway rebuild is 100% complete and we're about 1/2 done with our rebuild of our Kempner Gateway.

We have also started the process to put a 3rd gateway in service located directly in downtown Georgetown, TX.  We will be of course interlinking our Georgetown Gateway with our existing Burnet and Kempner Gateways.  All 3 sites will have a completely different upstream provider to get access to the internet and have the ability to pass traffic to either of our other 2 gateway sites should 1 go off line.  We are also currently the ONLY incumbent rural provider in any of our active markets with this capability.  If their "head end" goes down, ALL their subscribers go down.  This has been proven time and time again with a lot of Lampasas and Marble Falls providers, just google the news paper stories about internet going out in Lampasas between 2017 - 2022.

That's the whole reason Hyper Fusion did what it did, and no matter how many people want to say otherwise, WE brought better internet to the Greater Highland Lakes area.  WE forced incumbent providers to step up their game. WE forced new providers to come in, new federal dollars to go around, and increased our local economy.  Hyper Fusion did that.  NONE of it happened until we started building towers and providing this amazing 100 Mbps internet capability.  We also don't require agreements on our fixed point wireless service at all, where as almost all others do.  Why?  Because they are scared of Hyper Fusion and they think a contract is their only way to stay alive and not go out of business and fold like Roll Call did.  We have NEVER paid for a dime of advertising, and don't have any plans to spend any time soon either.  We firmly believe, if you actually have good service and support, you don't need advertising.  We're FAR to busy as it is, helping and installing folks who got told about us by their neighbors.

How are we able to out perform every other provider with the same equipment?

This is quite simple, all of these other providers, especially the ones coming in from the outside, are not FROM Burnet.  Our field engineers are from here and we drive around Burnet County almost EVERY day on weird obscure back roads, unknown private roads, and every day we are always recording, and updating our engineering maps with new constructions, obstructions, and other factors that can impact fixed point wireless, 4G / 5G LTE services, and also fiber.  Where you have to rock drill, where there's dirt, what's in the right of way.  Simply put, our knowledge of our "home turf" is UNMATCHED by any other provider.  Our Technology Manager was a network engineering AND web designer / programmer who worked at a website hosting company before starting Hyper Fusion.  As a result, Hyper Fusion's capability to store, recall, and glean usable information from all this data results in Hyper Fusion having BY FAR the best network out of any other incumbent local provider.  They also have all really old gear that can't do more than 20 Mbps either.

We officially have brand new privately owned by Hyper Fusion fiber in the ground in the right of way on 281 and an ever growing amount of privately owned and installed utility pole network.

Another reason we have unseated the internet providers around here.....   Kinda gotta answer the phones, lol.  None of them do.  Google their numbers, try and call them.  90% of the time you get straight to voicemail, and no one ever calls you back.  Ask ANY Hyper Fusion subscriber.  We have a real time chat / voice / SMS communications platform that allows all our subscribers and staff to chat in the same chat room and get help in real time.  Our Communications platform and our strict "Home-Town Care" Subscriber Care model that we have pioneered reigns supreme among all others.  This keeps what ever Hyper Fusion staff your talking to, you KNOW 100% they LIVE in the same market you do, and understand what your going thru, can speak English and most likely, relies on their Hyper Fusion internet as much as you do.  We are so far ahead with our Subscriber Care than any other provider, that they just have no chance of being able to keep pace.  These are "business only" guys simply doing nothing but sucking a VASTLY over priced service out of its subscribers and not doing a thing to improve or help their subscribers.  Hyper Fusion was founded by 3 engineers.  And that's what makes the difference.  We want to make sure FIRST our network is supreme.  We understand with that in place, that the dollars will come.

Our next mission....

Wipe out all other incumbent rural providers in Marble Falls / Kingsland / Horseshoe Bay Area, specifically, EVERY fixed point wireless provider and "4G LTE reseller" and the one going around selling VASTLY over priced "akron" routers or what ever that garbage is ripping people off is what's going on there.  No longer will we let these shaddy so called "internet companies" that are actually just re-selling 4g service and saying they "do security" when they are just buying 3rd party gear and installing it.  They are not even providers, they are sales re-sellers and installers.  NONE of them, including the 2 bigger fixed point wireless providers operate or engineer their own networks.  They simply do not have the staff with the skills or talent and they can not afford to pay those that do.

Hyper Fusion is moving into these areas to put a stop to all this over charging, price gouging, horrible service, and horrible subscriber care.  Just like we up-ended internet in our Kempner Market, and Burnet Markets, now its time for Marble Falls / Kingsland / Horseshoe Bay areas.

Fusion Fiber Launched In Marble Falls

Fusion Fiber, The Dawn of a New Age of Internet

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting new signups for Fusion Fiber to the Home as well a Small Business Fusion Fiber and Enterprise Class fiber.  Wether your looking for just residential service, or your looking to link multiple locations across Burnet, Kempner, or Williamson County, we have recently completed upgrading our entire network with 1/10/40/100 Gbps capable Cisco ASR920 BEAST routers along with 10 Gbps EdgeRouter Infinity Routers at most of our repeater sites.  Spectrum and Vye ( Formerly Northland Cable ) are NOT your only choices for fiber to the home or business any longer.  Our Fusion Fiber network is second to none.

Our Engineering Co-Founder Will hard at work bringing up new Fusion Fiber for Marble Falls!

The little map on the left you can click on to enlarge it.  It's the site we chose for our primary Marble Falls DMARC site.  It provides the most direct access to the zones we are establishing as primary Fusion Fiber zones.  We are tapping into some long haul fiber we had ran more then a year ago, very quietly of course, on purpose to prepare.  We have access to more than twice the thru put required to serve ALL of Marble Falls so we have plenty of capacity at this site.

Check out the two links below for more information.

Fusion Fiber Network - CLICK HERE

Marble Falls Fusion Fiber - CLICK HERE

Rural Fixed Point Wireless

In addition to our Marble Falls central Fusion Fiber DMARC site, we are in the process of building 6 new fixed point wireless repeater towers that will provide rural service all across southern Burnet County.  These sites will serve the following areas;  Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Park Road 4, Fairland Road, South / Main Kingsland, Sunrise Beach Village, Horseshoe Bay, Round Mountain, Spicewood, and Bee Caves.  We are in the process of getting our Spicewood and Bee Caves Fusion Fiber DMARCS ready to tap and hope to install the gear and get it hot before the summer of 2022 is out, but we'll see how it goes.  But, right now, just simply due to supply delays, its looking like late November, just before Christmas before we can get out there due to the extremely high demand for our Fusion Fiber service in the "Pandemic Times".  To learn more about our fixed point wireless service and its costs, click the link below;

Fixed Point Wireless Details - CLICK HERE


For too long incumbent rural fixed point wireless providers in the area have been using ancient archaic gear, know nothing about high level BGP networking and proper wireless spectrum management,  making false claims, not answering subscriber contacts, and just a whole laundry list of issues.  Before Hyper Fusion they enjoyed the ability to charge extremely high rates for next to NO internet speed.  Then Hyper Fusion came along.  We choose to spend ALOT more money up front to invest in latest generation equipment that allows us to clear 300 Mbps speeds at distances of up to 15km away from any one of our almost 30 repeater sites now.  We have worked very hard to gain our FCC licensees, and maintaining reporting and inspection requirements from the FCC, City jurisdictions, and power company utility pole access agreements to ensure that we are 100% legal across the board to be able to come into South Burnet county properly, quickly, and ensure the price gouging for sub-standard internet no longer occurs.  Over the course of the 2021 year, Hyper Fusion managed to put its primary competitor that started BEFORE Hyper Fusion did in the Lampasas County market completely out of business.  We've wiped out one incumbent provider in the north of our market area, and now we're going to move into South Burnet county and win out over three more.  Our superior network and subscriber care speaks for itself, and the residents of Burnet, Lampasas, lake Victor, Tow, Lake Buchanan, Andice, Bertrum, Liberty Hill, Georgetown, have all spoken, for 3 years running in a row, we were voted Best Internet Provider in Burnet by the Locals Love Us!

We are running a special offer until the 1st day of spring, Sunday March 20th, ANY existing qualifying fixed point wireless subscriber that lives in or around Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Round Mountain, Sunrise Beach Village, South Kingsland, Fairland Road, we are offering 100% FREE activation.  No catches, no gimmicks, no stipulations, no contracts, no funny business.  Just rural internet how it should be.  We will come out and install and show you we can clear 100 Mbps down and up on your circuit and then you only pay a pro-rated monthly rate from your day of install until the last day of what ever month you get installed upfront.  ( the next months bill would be due on the 1st ) and away you go.

2nd Annual Hyper Fusion Technology Scholarship

It's that time of year again folks.  Hyper Fusion has completed the close of its 2021 Fiscal Year and adopted our 2022 budget.  With that in mind we are pleased to announce we are are giving a MUCH larger scholarship away this year and this will be the second year in a row we are doing a scholarship available for all Burnet CISD High School Students.  We really want to encourage ALL 2022 seniors who are focused on a career in technology.  And with the way of the pandemic, rural internet technologies is going to become the job of the future.  So if the student also wishes to accept a PAID summer internship, we will also DOUBLE their scholarship to $5,000.  We want to build our Annual Technology Scholarship into a full fledged program in the future, but for now, we'll start with this simple donation and see where it goes.

Please everyone, if you have a Senior or know someone with a senior, please share this post with them and have them contact the person at the Burnet High School where the students apply for scholarships to pick up an application today!

Hyper Fusion remains committed to not only building our community but also giving back to it.  We are a major supporter of new students following the path of rural internet delivery as its going to become the job of the future and schooling is the foundation of achieving a solid position in that field.