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Introducing Fusion-Link

Are you tired of slow and unreliable internet services? Fret not, for we have an exciting announcement to make! We have fused Starlink with our Fixed Point Wireless and Fusion Fiber service to create the ultimate internet experience - "Fusion-Link". Our dual internet service is incredibly fast and stable, ensuring that you always have a seamless internet experience. Even if one network is struggling, the dual WAN/Internet capacity steps in to fill the gap, giving you the most stable and fastest service yet! Experience the future of internet with our "Fusion-Link" today.

We've got your back when it comes to Starlink installation. Installation costs only $250 and if you already have Starlink, we can easily "Fuse It" with our service to give you "Fusion-Link". This service works with ANY other existing service. In today's world, where working from home is the new norm, a reliable upstream connection is more important than ever. With our Fusion-Link service, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity that's perfect for work from home.

Fusion-Link Internet

Existing Starlink Subscribers - $299 Activation & Call for Service Plan Pricing

No Existing Starlink Subscribers - $247 Activation

No Existing Starlink Subscribers, but a current customer - FREE ACTIVATION

We have two Launch plans: Standard ($197/month) and Lite ($97/month), both require a 2- or 3-year agreement.

Starlink Solo Installation

Do you have a Starlink kit and only want it installed?

We charge $247 plus sales tax for simply installing your Starlink Kit.

Starlink Home Networking Support Plan

Satisfied with your Starlink internet service, but wish you had access to local tech support for any issues you face? Let our experts handle it for you. For a very low monthly fee of $19.95, and a one-time activation fee of $47, we provide you with on-boarding and a FREE ON-SITE visit for initial Wi-Fi optimization. While Starlink is great at providing internet services, it may not be the best when it comes to providing optimal Wi-Fi experience. So, let us take care of that for you! =)

The TV Wars Are On!

The Problem

A typical “cable box” from the 1970’s, as you can see, we’ve come along way.

Before the internet was invented, TV was easy.  You break out those bunny ears, slap them on your TV, and away you went.  No calling the cable man, no downloading an app, no trying to figure out what’s going on.   TV received its first “upgrade” in 1948 when the first cable services delivered broadcast TV channels in Oregon, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.  In the 60’s, these “cable lines” started to expand into metro areas, and by the 1970’s, the very first television networks started to form.  Including HBO, C-SPAN, ESPN and a few more.  By the 90’s, cable was running strong with a 57% market density in subscriptions and nearly 80 networks running strong as well.

Then, in 1996, the dawn of the “cable modem” and broadband internet was introduced to the masses.  This new technology was poised to take over as the primary medium through which news, entertainment, and education would be delivered to consumers.  By 1998 consumers in the US had access to more than 170 networks and fiber became even more prevalent.    The National cable & television association ( NCTA ) claims more than 93% of Americans had access to cable TV at that time. However, as fellow rural Texans know not a single cable company will run lines to more than 60 million people who live in these rural areas.

Then, in 2007 everything changed.  A little known DVD rental company called Netflix started putting their movie catalogue online and came out with the very first streaming service.  This would be the begining of what would remake the television, entertainment, movie, and music industries forever. By this time more and more rural consumers were also getting mobile phones which made it possible to consume media on the go.  Something that had never happened before.

The War Begins

With media now consumable on the go, of course the US government started to get involved and this caused a huge increase in regulation.  As a result, a good chunk of the media, TV, and movie world fell apart.  Most may not be aware, but TV and radio FCC renewals are always processed in a staggered format. Cable companies have a license agreement with networks (like ABC, ESPN, Fox…etc)in order to create a channel line up.  As streaming became more prevalent, these distributors like, Spectrum, Cox, and Netflix decided with the new streaming media for delivery, traditional transmission methods were no longer needed.

Once streaming became the primary medium of delivery for media, other companies realized they no longer needed cable TV companies to distribute their productions.  Then came the introduction of Disney + and Disney pulled all of its content that it owned from Netflix.  Many other companies soon followed suit.  Now streaming companies had to get inventive to keep from losing lots of subscribers.  The primary means of doing this it seems, went to producing original content.  As a result, American’s started subscribing to multiple streaming services.  Now when you add all the different streaming services at an average of $20/service for 5 different ones to ensure you see watch what you want too, the total is as much as cable was!  $100 a month between streaming services and add-ons is what most people pay today, that’s more than most average cable modems.  It seems, TV, movies, and music, are doomed to be in disarray for many years to come.

Isn’t it ironic?

Massive AT & T Ouages

So, just so everyone knows, woke to this lovely today.  They found a van bomb in Tennessee.  As you can also see from today’s downtector reports, AT & T, Spectrum, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Comcast are all having major issues today.   Guess whose not?  Hyper Fusion.  Why?  Because we use completely varied gateway peers, none of which are any of the ones list above.   Because Hyper Fusion made the investment in this practice from its inception, and none of the other local rural providers have, we will always remain a step ahead, and will always be the first to get the newer faster stuff as a result.

Hyper Fusion remains committed to delivering the BEST connectivity at the most reasonable price, and as our reputation and hard work has showed, we also now have the best Subscriber Care to a degree as you can see in our footer, that we are a RECENTLY award winning provider in the Greater Highland Lakes area and voted BY THE PEOPLE not us.

And another suspicious TV in Cincinnati

It’s also hitting T-Mobile services

Social Networking Scam, Twice In The Past Week

Scammers Hard At Work

So, over the last week, I have received several scam reports regarding the networking site Meet Me. I do want to note that these scams are all over social networking sites and the internet. This is why Hyper Fusion recommends that if you want to share your life over the internet, do it privately, and not on any website you have to “upload things” to, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Meet Me. We offer a safe place to store your pictures and things and still be able to share them with family through our Plex server.

How do I protect me and my family from this?

Consumers fall victim to these scams because they are not informed of basic safety measures when it comes to your personal information and the online world. Hyper Fusion doesn’t want to only provide internet and streaming services, but we also look out for subscribers. Hyper Fusion STRONGLY recommends that EVERYWHERE you go online, DO NOT use your real name, post photos of you and/or your children, your home, or anything else that includes identifying information. Even setting your profile to “friends only” offers zero protection. All your data is still on the social media site and online and is constantly being sold, photos included to a plethora of companies, which is where these scam artists hunt for victims. We do offer a safe way to store your information and be able to share important memories and pictures with family through our Plex server. You can ticket in to inquire about this service.

This particular scam

In the Meet Me scam that was reported to me by 2 different people, the scammer talked to the people into texting. Then after 20 minutes, a 2nd number appeared, claiming to be the first ones parent. At this point, they would call the ‘feds” and “have you taken down”.  Within minutes a 3rd number appears, claiming to “be a fed”, yet reveals no agency they work for or badge number, and demanded a $4,000 wire to “clear their name”.  When the almost victim replied that they do not have a bank account, they pushed them to send $2,000 through a cash app.  That is a major red flag. Law enforcement officials in the US will NEVER ask anyone for money over the phone.
The fact of the matter is, government officials whether with the police, FBI, IRS…etc DO NOT call, text, or email you. So if you get some random person you’ve never met, telling you to give out your personal information or to send them money DO NOT GIVE SEND THEM ANYTHING and please report this to our Hyper Fusion staff via email so that we can investigate.
The three phone numbers associated with this scam are: ( 863-354-4190 ), ( 712-525-8205) and (469-359-1603).

We all know this.


As an ISP Hyper Fusion can find these scammers IPs and report them to the right agencies to get them taken down. Chris and Will have been working in the internet field and finding information like this for more than thirty years. By keeping your personal information off the internet and reporting scams to Hyper Fusion we can all protect each other.
As you can see from the article posted below, these scams are rampant.

Stay safe out there on the net folks,

Andrea Raynor- Operations Manager
Will Seykora- Field Manager
Chris Seykora – Technology Manager


Rural Broadband in 2019

As I’m sure many of you know, even in our local area, broadband in 2019 has still been a hairy situation for the Highland Lakes, even 2 years into 5 plus new providers.  Rural broadband continues to be a struggle, not only for consumers to get services, but for small and even medium size providers to be able to impact this.  There’s been a lot of chatter on Facebook groups regarding 4G providers coming into this specific area to offer home internet, lots of talk about 5G going to change the market, but the fact of the matter is, that is just not true.

Bigger providers like the big box wireless and big box data names are purely focused on the metro markets.  Regardless of what you may have heard.  There have been PLENTY of news stories put out how many cable TV providers and wireless providers, even though they have mobile service, focus on metro areas, as that’s where most of the people reside.  So if your one of the hold outs for this, your gonna be on that bus an awful long time waiting for it to arrive.

President Obama tried to do something about it, and failed horribly.  Even President Trump tried, but somehow, took a cheap route out, and instead of actually helping the problem, simply lowered the standard enough, so that that it landed at the speeds of most 4G LTE networks to claim he “got everyone broadband”.  Cheap way out.  And if that wheren’t enough, we have big box data trying to buy up the spectrum that small WISP’s and RISP’s like ours are relying on to continue upgrading our networks.  The simple matter of the situation folks is, there is no internet coming from any big box company, not for many, many, years.  If the Highlands Area has any hope of getting broadband like all the rest of metro America we need to band together and build our own brand new network.

Watch the YouTube video below posted on the channel @Vox which has pretty reliable sources to get you started on your hunt for information on why internet is still spotty in this area in 2019.  Don’t just take my word on it, or the information you get out of the video, but use it as a jump point for you to do your own research.  Read for yourself those Connect America documents and the misinformation that’s in them.  On the surface it leads less informed folks to belive, that as some in some facebook groups claim, is coming.  I like to present people with all the information at hand, at let them decide for themselves.  Our customer base are bright and informed individuals.  Just because we live out in the sticks doesn’t mean we don’t want highspeed broadband internet like the rest of America.


So, I suppose by now, your asking yourself, okay Mr. Hyper Fusion CEO, what do you plan to do about it?  Well, as I’m sure many of you already know, Hyper Fusion exploded way to big, way to fast.  We’ve taken a dedicated approach over the last 2 months to put in lots of extra hours in our field not only going back to upgrade our existing tower infrastructure, but also, do go back and re-tune alot of our original customers and get cracking on ramping up piling thru our new service request backlogs.  As our new customer sign rate has once again surged, the most recent round of updates and their results have no doubt gotten around.  After repairing all the damage from previous unskilled and untrained staff we are about 75% complete with repairing this damaged and those areas that are now back to the insane speeds they where, we aim to make a heavy push on installing as many folks as we can over the winter.  We have gone back thru each and every circuit 1 by 1 for our year end audit to identify week circuits and will be super beefing up everything we already have over the next 4 to 8 weeks thru the winter so that come spring time we can get back to building new repeaters and expanding and offering other folks awesome prices on internet.

The primary problem with internet in this area, with many of the other providers, is every one of those providers in Lampasas is feeding off AT & T’s already over exhausted fiber network out there and are all squabbling over a customer here and a customer there.  Additionally, you have the City of Lampasas trying to deploy their own fiber network and charge EVERY citizen for it, regardless if they have internet, as I’m told, this is their line of thinking.  If I where them, I’d probably think twice.  Texas State Law to the best of my knowledge, specifically says this illegal for a municipality to own or operate, either directly, or in-directly thru a 3rd party provider, wherein the municipality has any influence or control.  So, having another local provider do it for them, as one of them as claimed they are doing, is actually highly against Texas State Law.

We’re not looking to take advantage of folks like this, that’s why our subscription rates are on ave, 30% lower than any other provider in our class.  Our website traffic ranking continues to increase and out traffics all other competitors, including Rise Broadband and Grande Communications.  Don’t believe us?  Visit  ( powered by Amazon folks ) and look for yourself.  Every day more and more posts are going up from the last several weeks and drastic shift in Hyper Fusion as a whole.  We don’t ever want our customers to feel ignored, or passed over.  We are going to make an extreme push over the month of December thru until Christmas to continue to answer every phone call and reply to every ticket.  We are very quickly getting caught up now that we have another full time field engineer who can climb towers!!  Blake continues to amaze us all and has become instrumental in getting Hyper Fusion’s field back together.  Additionally, we have an outstanding new business management and accounting team who has managed to get all our bills, tower rents, and most other affairs all back going the right direction and has us well on our way to becoming a power house in the central Texas rural internet market.

It has taken Will more than 5 months to put the field back together and he’s still not all the way complete yet.  He is a machine and continues to amaze all of us how it is that between Will and Blake there is twice as much work getting done during the 2nd half of the year, as compared to the first half of the year when we had a total of 4 running around thinking they knew what they where doing.  Clear, the proof is in the pudding as they say.  As we bring 2019 to a close, we’re also making a commitment as a company and a staff to put the past behind us and forget about all those folks who have tried to poke at Hyper Fusion as we grew.  We survived.  We remain.  We VOW that we will fight at all costs to make sure Hyper Fusion continues to be around for generations to come and we will never stop fighting for what’s right, and we aim to fulfill  those gaps in rural broadband by bringing OUTSIDE providers, and not just re-selling AT & T, we remain committed to always operating our own wireless and fiber network IN-HOUSE and not having a 3rd party company operate our gear and network for us and claim its ours.  We remain committed to NEVER call AT & T up, to order an install at a customer location, and when they are complete and its working, simply slap our sticker on it and call it ours.    We install our own right of way infrastructure, we run our own cable to customer locations, we PRIVATELY OWN the fiber we lay.   We do all our web programming in-house as well as all of our wireless network administration.  That’s why other WISP’s continue to fail, yes, they may know “how to link a radio” but they know nothing about network design, gear selection, real time network monitoring and administration, proactively reacting to daily changing wireless environments, and protecting networks from internet threats.

Emili The Virtual Assistant is Here!

Who is Emili?

Emili is Hyper Fusion’s AI.  She is akin to Siri, Amazon, Google Assistant and the like.  Chris started programming her all the way back in 1993, at the tender age of 12, same year Jurassic Park came out.  Which Chris has drawn a lot of inspiration from with the design of our software and AI.

What can Emili do?

The first task we’re going to have EMILI handle is our outage reports.  All you have to do is call up and interact with her like any other real person.  (Although there are still some phone menu’s and button pushing in there, I’m slowly replacing the old way with a pure speech interaction, meaning you, the customer  can just simply speak naturally with her instead of pressing any buttons.  Just like Iron Man does with Jarvis, Tony Starks AI computer system.   Whether you’d like a phone call or SMS alert once your outage has been resolved, either way you’ll get contacted.  This should help get our customers answers faster, since obviously, their internet is out and they can’t check the status page.

How often will you update Emili?

The goal is to add 1 new thing Emili can help our customers with every other week roughly.  It does take a while to put out, and I’m putting all my knowledge and expertise into her and will make sure I keep her software every bit as updated as anyone elses.


Simply call the following number, and save it as a contact in your phone under ( Emili ) super easy. (512) 270-3710

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As a reminder, Chris is no longer interacting with customers directly as primary contact.  Hyper Fusion has grown far to big and we have too many customers for him to be the ONLY Customer Support agent for EVERY single one of our customers.  It’s  just not going to happen.  He is working his behind off to get the network stable and rock-solid again since the storm, and we’re at the tail-end.  He came out with this so all of our customers can get near real time and automated information so they don’t have to wait or feel ignored.  If you need help, anyone who replies to your ticket, answers a phone call, or chats on our webchat support can help you.  If they do not know how to fix you, they will be adding a reply to your ticket and contacting him directly to let him know its something they need him to handle.

Please, please, out of kindness and respect, We ask everyone of our customers to please refrain for texting or calling Chris in the event of an outage; As he’s usually already on the network fixing it and its hard to do that when he’s getting literally HUNDREDS of calls in the span 15 minutes.  Our answer to this issue, is by FINALLY after over 2 years of being in existance, with reluctance, because he really wasn’t planning on sharing Emili with the world, but it seems she can help.  He coded her software and neural network all himself, with no help.  Other companies don’t do this.   They can’t, ’cause all they have are business admin degrees designed to rip the customer off as much as possible.


Your Hyper Fusion Team

FCC gives ISPs another $563 million to build rural-broadband networks

So, surfing the web as I always do, I came across this article on ARS Technica, a technology news website that I frequent, and came across a story published July 16th, 2019 on their website in which they announce that the FCC is giving ISP’s another $563 Million to build rural-broadband networks.   There has been a lot of talk and chatter around Burnet and Lampasas county that this new “federal money is coming”.  I would be doing a dis-service if I didn’t help explain that a little better.  If you read the FCC’s announcement much more closely, you’ll learn that his money is distributed thru the “Connect America Fund” and companies, such as Hyper Fusion and the “other guys” in the area needed to have submitted their application for those funds MONTHS ago, and that distribution had it gone to anyone in our area would have been announced.

Another one of the big requirements to get access to these funds, is that the ISP’s offer plans and prices akin to the bigger city metro areas.  CLEARLY by reviewing prices you can see that EVERY other “WISP” in the area’s prices are FAR over what a normal spectrum cable modem plan would cost you in San Marcos, TX for example.  That’s why at Hyper Fusion, we refer to ourself as a “RISP” or “Rural Internet Service Provider”.  The companies similar to the ones we compete with have had a historical practice of charging MUCH higher prices for wireless internet, when its not even reliable as its hardline comparative.   The sad news is, that even if the Highland Lakes area did have a provider that received those funds, clearly no other provider is going to abide by the pricing caps.  That’s why our prices are much lower and much more inline with metro service prices, and our service operates and bills the same way.  No slow down in speed once you’ve used a particular amount, no data capping, no nothing. Just pure, raw, internet, as it should be.

If you want to read the full story, just click the link below:

Another systemic practice this program hopes to eliminate is LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES trying to take over internet and offering monopolized internet services for themselves.  This is something the regulation is trying to prevent.  So what the City of Lampasas is trying to accomplish thru offering internet themselves is EXTREMELY frowned upon and the FCC is working hard to abolish.  Along with local municipalities charging extra franchise fee’s, and other grossly inflated “regulatory fees” for putting infrastructure in.  Which is a big reason Lampasas doesn’t have good internet yet, is because their poor systemic policy making and decision making processes.  Hyper Fusion is working hard to make sure that our practices and policies are inline with the way these processes and practices should be, regardless if its the law, it’s simply the right thing to do.

As reported in this Rueters article ( )

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said “every dollar paid in excessive fees is a dollar that by definition cannot and will not be invested in upgrading and expanding networks.”

Cable operators pay roughly $3 billion annually in franchise fees to state and local governments.

New York told the FCC all city fire stations get free cable and internet service from cable providers.

This is ridiculous and clearly the aim of the Lampasas City government.  If you look specifically at local municipalities, like Burnet, Marble Falls, Kingsland, Llano, and others like it, almost NONE of them have had any type of news stories regarding internet, because all those municipalities work with providers to get them in, and get multiple providers in.  Marble Falls and Burnet both have Northland Cable and Spectrum, to much bigger co-ax companies.  Lampasas has NONE.  Think about that folks, and its been that way for years.  I know for a fact, lots of folks have high hopes for internet in Lampasas, but the fact of the matter is, its just not going to happen.  Our primary competitor over there, just re-sells AT & T, and the new start up company, Olive IP, sells 4G LTE SIM’s, which guess what folks, operate off AT & T towers.  So you now have 2 new providers, packing on rural area customers that where never on those already over exhausted Lampasas AT & T fiber lines.  This does nothing but make the problem worse.

Here we are, 2 years into delivering internet in Lampasas County and not a SINGLE provider has brought in any new fibers, lines, or anything, except Hyper Fusion.  Our own genuine staff and managers, dig, hang, trench, and install our PRIVATELY OWNED and operated fibers, and we DO NOT use AT & T or Spectrums fibers at all to accomplish this.  We do not just call up AT & T to come install a fiber to the business connection and then slap our sticker on it and call it our own.  We use our own means to get fiber going because Lampasas and Kempner, and all of central rural Texas really needs NEW and MORE, not over stuffing what’s already there.  Anyone whose not on that boat, and charges twice the price as we do, is nothing clearly short of a rip off, by declaration of the FCC itself.  They are FORCING providers in rural area’s like ours to set their prices more competitively in order to get the money.  Just a clear obvious intention to rip people off if your a small rural provider and your charging that much.

We want to hear all our customers and website visitors thoughts on this.  Check out our Forums discussion topic regarding this article by clicking the link below:

Major Internet Outage Affects Discord, Verizon, And Even Down Detector

Hey folks, just a new update.  So, here at Hyper Fusion, not only do we provide you with the best internet you can get in the greater Highland Lakes area, but we also keep an eye out on the internet for problems and other nefarious things going on.  As I’m sure alot of the folks on the south network can tell you, there have been some aggravating issues since the storm regarding slow speeds.  These major issues we can assure you are NOT within our wireless or fiber distribution networks.  The issue was caused by Cloud Flares global outage that dang near broke the internet.   Important lesson for all ISP’s there.  You DON’T put your entire control infrastructure in one place or with a 3rd party company, because when they tank so do you.  That’s why our north network didn’t go down because our north upstream provider runs their own network, just like Hyper Fusion.  Also why “the other guys” are still down and having heavy problems in Lampasas and we are not having ANY of those issues on the north network.

We have found an article from  that pretty much wraps it up.

To read the full story, CLICK HERE