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Burnet TX Has Highspeed Police Chase Down 281

Last week one of our CCTV cameras caught a motorcycle hauling ^$# through town, blowing through the school zone on North 281 headed south, and not more then a few seconds later 5 City of Burnet Cop cars, and 1 state trooper (it was a black and white) one go flying by after it.  You could hear the sound of the vehicles speeding up heading into town echoing off the other structures in the area.
Per our internal policy, we put Hyper Fusion staff on alert. Then on the other end of town, at our office, just a few minutes later, our office camera caught the very same motorcycle increasing speed heading south towards Marble Falls. At that point the office CCTV camera caught 7 City of Burnet Cop cars and 2 black and whites now on his tail. We thought we'd post the videos and share something different...

NOTE: When watching the video below, it will first play the North Camera feed, and then the 2nd feed is from our Office Camera on South 281.
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