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Fight To Get Tower Climbers Declared As First Responders

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We firmly believe the first responder logo should look more like this, and not only include lineman who just got their designation to be first responders last year. It's time to include tower climbers as none of the other 4 would be able to communicate and do their jobs without tower climbers. #facts
Please, please, please folks, everyone comment if you agree, like the post, and share with everyone you know. I couldn't find this logo anywhere so I decided to create it. Please spread it around!

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Burnet TX Has Highspeed Police Chase Down 281

Last week one of our CCTV cameras caught a motorcycle hauling ^$# through town, blowing through the school zone on North 281 headed south, and not more then a few seconds later 5 City of Burnet Cop cars, and 1 state trooper (it was a black and white) one go flying by after it.  You could hear the sound of the vehicles speeding up heading into town echoing off the other structures in the area.
Per our internal policy, we put Hyper Fusion staff on alert. Then on the other end of town, at our office, just a few minutes later, our office camera caught the very same motorcycle increasing speed heading south towards Marble Falls. At that point the office CCTV camera caught 7 City of Burnet Cop cars and 2 black and whites now on his tail. We thought we'd post the videos and share something different...

NOTE: When watching the video below, it will first play the North Camera feed, and then the 2nd feed is from our Office Camera on South 281.
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Hyper Vision Is Coming

That’s right folks, as we prepare for our Hyper Vision launch, we will be posting more and more videos and neat things like the one below.  So please comment away and post your thoughts!  We love to here everything.  We have some amazing new things we plan on rolling out over the rest of this year.    We’re looking forward to Halloween that’s for sure!  Gotta love that candy, although, I wonder how that will work as we’re still mid-pandemic.  Just like rural internet thanks to Hyper Fusion, nothing will ever be the same again most likely, or maybe it will go back to normal, who knows.

We have nearly 50 alpha test users and they are loving the streaming service.  Once we complete the full release of our video service, and complete the nationwide testing of our 4G LTE / 5G partner, we’ll be fully releasing the entire HyperNET.  Home internet, mobile internet / phone / & texting, and live / on-demand streaming, on 1 simple bill.  No more fuss, or hassle.  Works everywhere in the US!

Verify: Is Hyper Fusion Technology A Scam?

So, it would seem that a particular nasty person who signed up tried to go on the video news, the very same one that did the first news stories on us and try and lie about us and tell everyone we were a scam.  Well, Andrew Moore investigated once again, and he proved by talking to several of our very happy and live subscribers that we are in fact NOT a scam.  And the claims that we are a scam where proven FALSE!  It’s quite atrocious that someone would out right slander us on the TV news.  But there it is.  Click the link below to watch the news story for yourself.  It seems no matter how hard you try, you’ll always have haters!


Competing internet service coming to Lampasas area

As printed by KCEN news on Oct 9th, 20217 @ 12:16am

Some Lampasas residents are thrilled after seeing a new potential internet services recently. The company, Hyper Fusion Technologies, said the Lampasas area has been lacking in broadband services. So, the organization is setting up new towers to accommodate those residents. Locals told Channel 6 News the area needs more competition in a variety of other aspects as well.

However, they kinda got it wrong, at that time, we were already live with our first tower Kempner North as well as our Kempner South tower, but that’s okay.  We forgive them.


More Internet Options Come to Lampasas

We’re really getting popular now folks, we were featured on KCEN Channel 6 – Waco (NBC) news today. It was really awesome to see something we built on the news!  Hyper Fusion is going to become the dominant rural provider in the Greater Highland Lakes area for sure!  This video is an extended one of the one posted on the 5 o’clock news.  It would seem that the news story featured early has caused our new subscriber signups to sky rocket, so please be mindful folks, new installs maybe delayed now as a result.


More Internet Options Come to Lampasas

Holy crap, we’re all in a bit of shock the news called us up to do a news story on Hyper Fusion!  The Co-Founders have been working rural internet in the Greater Highland Lakes area and we’ve never seen any other rural provider featured on the news before!  This is totally awesome.  I wonder what this is going to do for our new subscriber signups?  Hopefully it won’t get to crazy.  Click the link below to watch the news story as it was broadcast on the 5 o’clock news!