COVID-19 Is Still Going Strong

12 Jan by Hyper Fusion

COVID-19 Is Still Going Strong

Business Update Notice

Burnet COVID-19 Cases Hospital
According to the Daily TRIM  and a story posted by Daniel Clifton, Burnet businesses are back to 50% occupancy due to increased hospitalizations from COVID-19.  We strongly encourage all our subscribers and fellow community members to respect this as it keeps us all safe.  This pandemic has really rolled over a lot of us.   Hyper Fusion is right there in the trenches with you folks.  We all need to help each other during times like this.

COVID-19 In 2021

As we move forward in 2021 Hyper Fusion will remain committed to practicing all CDC guidelines when it comes to social distancing.  As much as we don’t like it, it looks like this pandemic state is likely to last a lot longer then we all originally thought.  Hyper Fusion has decided to make long term preparations as well as permanently changing some of our standards and practices to ensure a higher degree of health and safety for our subscribers and fellow community members.

COVID has taken a huge toll on communities, schools, families, and businesses.  At times like these Hyper Fusion really encourages everyone to understand the times we’re in and really truly help your neighbor.  Why, because its the right thing to do.  After all, its literally in the name of our country “United” States.  So Hyper Fusion is encouraging all our subscribers and community members to remain united together to battle this pandemic. Everyone should do their part to ensure that we can wipe it out.  Not only that, but learn from all the mishaps as we move forward to prevent such wide spread devastation in the future.

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