Fixed Point Wireless Internet

Rural Business Asynchronous FPW Internet

We have high grade wireless gigabit ethernet bridges to provide the highest quality, stable, pure digital internet access in remote rural areas.  However, if possible, we will always install direct hardline internet first.

1, 2, and 3 year agreement include an SLA guaranteed uptime of 99%.  Credits are issued by the way for each day the service is down.  Monthly plans do not carry an SLA.

PlanDownloadUploadPrice per Month
Lite 50Up to 50 / MbpsUp to 10 / Mbps$97.00
Standard 7575 / Mbps15 / Mbps$147.00
Heavy 100100 / Mbps25 / Mbps$237.00
Mega * 150150 / Mbps50 / Mbps$397.00
BGP Peering ---- ----$47.00 (One time)
Dedicated Public IPv4 ---- ----$47.00

* Mega plans require a dedicated wireless bride and carry an extra $847 setup fee as it requires a tower climb to complete.