Network Management Policy

Hyper Fusion Technologies provides this policy in order to disclose network management practices and policies in accordance with the FCC’s Open Internet Rules.  Hyper Fusion Technologies manages its network to ensure that all of its customers experience a safe and secure experience using our networks and for it to remain fast and robust for everyone.

Hyper Fusion Technologies wants its subscribers to indulge in all that the internet, television, building automation, free power, and more it has to offer.  Wheather it is social networking, streaming videos, listening music, watching TV, talking to friends or family, managing your home’s energy usage, and/or making sure your small business stays safe and sound while you are open or not open  at your place of business.

Hyper Fusion Technologies Network Management Practices

  1. Managing Congestion:  Hyper Fusion Technologies manages network congestion by constantly monitoring all of our equipment in real time to allow us to respond to network issues precisely at the source to allow a seamless usage experience.  We also respond to constant congestion in localized areas by bringing in more throughput to handle the increased demands based on real time needs.
  2. Network Security: Hyper Fusion Technologies understands the importance of having a secure network to protect all of our subscribers.  We always push and strive to adopt the latest security measures to ensure an unparrarlelled level of service and experience.  As a result, Hyper Fusion Technologies reserves the right to observe and analyze all activities to ensure a high level of security for web surfing, emails, phone calls, video calls, television viewing, power consumption data, and more.  As a general practice, Hyper Fusion Technologies does not block any ports or protocols whatsoever.  This includes, any web content, television shows you may wish to watch, and/or videos you may wish to stream.  As such, Hyper Fusion Technologies, is held harmless and indemnified from any consumption of these services by unattendend and/or unsupervised minors and/or guests.
  3. Hyper Fusion’ Technologies’ Delivery Network:  Hyper Fusion Technologies maintains a primary core delivery networking consisting of physical transmission lines, wireless transmission radios, and several other proprietary technologies in order to serve each of our subscribers high quality telecommunications, entertainment, and structure automation services.  We proactively work to ensure that our delivery network remains robust and congestion free and will from time to time shut down at certain parts of the network for upgrades, speed increases, and equipment replacement.
  4. Subscriber Premise Network:  Hyper Fusion Technologies only applies these same network practices to subscribers premise network equipment if the subscribers utilized a managed network service along with their internet.  Which may or may not include, gateways, routers, wireless access points, in-wall ethernet jacks, and/or smart devices.
  5. Network Performance:  Unlike most providers out there, Hyper Fusion Technologies has gone through the careful considerations to measure real time network usage statistics in order to guarantee our speeds.  This is how we are able to make sure all of our customers are getting the speed, they pay for all the time, no matter what.  During off peak times though, you may experience speeds 20% to 40% faster then what your paying for.  This performance is guarantee through our delivery network.  However, if you choose to use your own home wireless router or network equipment, network degradation may now always be the liability of Hyper Fusion Technologies and may incur surcharges in order to diagnose.
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Last Updated On: May 14th, 2017