HFT Chat Help

HFT Chat Basics

Using our HFT Chat platform is pretty simple for the most part.  If you've used Slack or Discord, you'll take to HFT Chat like a duck to water.  Mostly all the same short cuts and things apply.

The most important thing to understand about HFT Chat and the reason we prefer y'all use it, is because, primarily, if your internet is out, the mobile app and the mobile browser versions work extremely well over mobile data links that are poor.  Additionally, using HFT Chat costs us nothing extra, where as SMS/MMS texting we are charged for every text we send or receive.  The more y'all use HFT Chat, the best chance we have at keep rates stable and not having to raise them due to rising costs in overhead.

Another notable point worth mentioning is we are making a concerted effort to "pin" important posts.  Each channel, whether over the web browser or mobile app as a "pinned messages" section allowing you to eastily find important posts.

HFT Chat Workspace URL:  https://chat.hyperfusiontech.com

HFT Chat Android App URL:

HFT Chat iOS App URL           :


HFT Chat Latest Update Info

On July 24th, 2023 HFT Chat went thru a MAJOR update.  Due to the Operating System the server was running being discontinued we were forced to complete chance Operating Systems.  We also took the chance to adjust the manner in which our HFT Chat application software was installed to make it easier to upgrade and to prepare for coming changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All Primary Market and Private Market Channel chat history has been purged to clear out bugs and errors from old posts and plugins not used anymore.  All issues discussed are notated where appropriate within our system, so not to worry.

New Features

  • Each channel now has an appointed Lead Subscriber Care Staff shortcut with a "Chat Now" button allowing you to engage in a Private Message with a Hyper Fusion staff member if you have questions regarding personal or private information about your account.
  • Reminders, you can now set reminders on any post to give you a handy notification to come back to that post.
  • Video Uploading is now possible.
  • Better, more customizable mobile, desktop, and email notifications
  • Post reporting now allows anyone to hover over a post and click or tap the triple done pop up menu and there is a "Report" link in there.  We are asking everyone to help keep our chat platform safe by reporting any posts they think violates any of the rules on this page.

Bug Fixes

  • Email notifications now working correctly
  • Email Verification issues resolved
  • Correctly made display names more privacy friendly and rolled them out so all user accounts display in a universal format ( subscriber # and first name, eg,  1234-Joe )
  • Fixed login routine to correctly wipe out cookies and other data upon logout
  • Fixed a cross scripting vulnerability that could have had allowed attackers unauthorized access to the server cluster

Known Issues

  • HFT Chat 2.0 for some reason which we are investigating runs fine across the board except for file uploading seems to be a bit pokey.  Be patient, it will upload.  We are working feverishly to figure it out and get it unstuck.  Please bear with us as our Admins pick up the learning curve as this new HFT Chat server runs on a completely different Operating System and a completely different newer string on the database server than before.

Upcoming New Features

  • Voice & Video Calling from with in the HFT Chat Web Application or Mobile Application making getting in touch even easier.
  • Chat History and logs being stored in your Fusion Portal profile
  • The Return of E.M.E.L.I., our automated AI Virtual Assistant.  People will be able to interact with her using HFT Chat, voice call, or texting her.  Emili, uses a combination of our Chief of Technology's own proprietary AI coding used under license for HFT Chat and Hyper Fusion's use as well as ChatGPT and a natural language processor to give a more natural interaction for more useful functions, like rebooting your radio, scanning your wireless environment and advising you on the best 5GHz channel for your router, and more.

HFT Chat Ettiqutte Rules

Below are a list of fairly straightforward rules we ask that everyone uses while enjoying HFT Chat.

  1. Don't be mean to anyone for any reason.  there's just no need for it.
  2. No discussing anything sexual, politics, or related to religion.  Just a list of things that divide us instead of #fusethecommunity
  3. No discussing any illegal topics.  If its illegal in the US, Texas, or Burnet County, we just don't discuss it.
  4. If your mad at Hyper Fusion, that's fine, posting about it in open public chat is not the place to do that.  You'll get the quickest results by either adding to a support ticket or opening a new one.
  5. No discussing or posting anything gross, sexual, obscene, morbid, or anything you wouldn't show your 5 year old child.
  6. No posting links to weird or off the wall websites.
  7. No promoting TikTok , if you want to know why, ask a SysAdmin.
  8. What is discussed and takes place in HFT Chat, stays in HFT Chat.  It is expressly against the HFT Chat terms of service to take screenshots and publicly post them.  We are very proactive when our subscribers do have an issue, WAYY more than most other providers in our class and service areas easily so there should just be no need for that.

HFT Chat Channel Guidelines

Upon your first login to HFT as you'll see from the screenshot at the right will look just like this and you should notice your Market Channel which us under the heading "Teams" , and the network-status channel under the heading "channels".  HFT Staff my private message you directly which will show up below the channels heading.  We do not allow private/direct messaging between users as this is not really a "social platform" and more intended for getting help with technology questions, your Hyper Fusion service, or other internet related posting.   We do however, encourage those folks who operate a business with in their market to post up in your Market Channel and let your neighbors know what you do.

If you have some neat photos or video of weather events or other interesting happenings, please post them in up in our HFT Chat and we'll put them out across our platform.  We're always looking for new and interesting things.

Here is just a small list of things we encourage folks to post about and in response to in our HFT "Primary Market Channels"; Local happenings, weather videos, posts about your locally owned and operated business, technology help and questions, internet service help and questions, recommendations for places to eat and shop, neat photos of your local market, and really just about anything provided it doesn't break the rules mentioned above.