A New Telecommunications Company Is Born!

As Hyper Fusion is rapidly growing we will list all of our locations and coverage as best as we can.  Hyper Fusion was founded June 1st, 2017 in Burnet, TX.  We do however, serve ALOT of locations most folks just don't realize.  We will try our best to keep this page as updated as possible.

Hyper Fusion's Multi-Honed Dual Stack Pure Digital Network

Hyper Fusion boasts the ONLY truly multi-honed and dual stacked ( meaning IPv4 and IPv6 capable ) network in the Greater Highland lakes area.  We're also ( with the exception of 1 other provider ) NOT on AT & T's network.  As a result, we're not subject to all the downtime most are due to the instable and over loaded AT & T network around here.  Even the couple new providers that just came into town, run off AT & T fiber, so they are just packing more people on an already over  sold network.

The image on the left is of our WAN links.  This is, how our private delivery network consisting of long haul fiber, Fusion Fiber to the structure, fixed point wireless  and 4G / 5G LTE towers, and our Nanopod Edge sites link out to the internet, and how our gateways link to each other.  The green lines are live links, the yellow lines are lines that are in progress and will be live before the year is out as we grow.  Although we may not activate them until 2022, depending on growh.

The image on the right is of our primary upstream peer interet-connection paths.  This is how our upstream peers link to other providers and inter-twine into the global internet.  As you can see, Hyper Fusion ( AS36247 ) has 2 paths out to the internet from our network set over 2 varying geographic regions.  You can click on any of the AS numbers to bring up a profile of that provider.

Hyper Fusion WAN Map

AS Number: 36247                    ARIN Org ID: HFL-81
Upstream Peers: 4                     Downstream Peers: 2
IPv4 Addresses: 8,448              IPv6 Addresses: 4 Million + /64 networks

Internet Path Routes

Primary Network Map

We have used a combination of partner fiber as well as privately owned, installed, and operated by Hyper Fusion Fiber.  "Other" local competitors may have run fiber, but they don't operate their own network, and can't provide the level of subscriber care we can as a result.  Just look at the recent March 2021 outage, all the other providers in Lampasas where out of service, Hyper Fusion was not.  There is a reason, and that reason is the Hyper Fusion Co-Founders and platform REALLY IS THE GOLD STANDARD IN RURAL INTERNET!

Map Key
Green Items: Live & Operating
Yellow Items: Under Construction / In-Progress
Blue Items: Planned Items
Lines: Fusion Fiber
Circles: Market Gateway Router Sites
Triangles: Nano-Edge Pod Co-Location Sites & Co-Lo Partner Datacenter Sites
Squares: Inter-Change Sites

Hyper Fusion Network Map

Subscriber Care Centers

1st Location - Burnet
3400 South Water Street
Burnet TX 78611

Will be announcing location soon.
Opening Late Summer 2021

Marble Falls
Will be announcing location soon.
Opening Late Summer 2021

Will be announcing location soon.

Copperas Cove
Will be announcing location soon.

New Braunfels
Will be announcing location soon.

Inter-Change Sites

Datacenters and infrastructure houses, both owned and leased, across the nation and world that help deliver the fastest access possible for driving our world wide 4G LTE / 5G platforms (The HyperNET), our web hosting / server leasing platform, and of course our awesome data services.

  • Austin, TX - 2 Locations, 6 Peers
  • Dallas, TX - 4 Peers
  • San Francisco, CA - 3 Peers
  • Boston, MA - 2 Peers
  • Lake Crystal, MN - 2 Peers
  • Denver, CO - 5 Peers
  • Orlando, FL - 2 Peers
  • London, GB - 2 Peers
  • Paris, FR - 2 Peers
  • Mulan, IT - 2 Peers
  • Aukland, NZ - 2 Peers

Gateway Sites

Burnet 0 - Burnet, TX, - 2 x 1Gbps Upstream Links, 1 x 10 Gbps Transit Link to Kempner 1, 4000 IPv4s, /36 IPv6, 1 Gig Redundant Capacity

Kempner 1 - Kempner, TX - 2 x 1Gbps Upstream Links, 1 x 10 Gbps Transit Link to Kempner 1, 1 x 10 Gbps Link to Williamson 2,  4000 IPv4s, /36 IPv6, 1 Gig Redundant Capacity

Williamson 2 - Liberty Hill, TX - 1 x 1 Gbps Upstream Link, 1 x 10 Gbps Transit Link to Burnet 0, 1 x 10 Gbps Transit Link to Kempner 1, 1000 IPv4s, /36 IPv6, 1 Gig Capacity

Nanopod Edge Co-Location Sites

Burnet Market

  1. Burnet Main
  2. Eagles Nest
  3. Marble Falls ( Coming Soon )
  4. Briggs ( Coming Soon )

Kempner Market

  1. Kempner Main
  2. Kempner North
  3. Adamsville ( Coming Soon )
  4. Copperas Cove ( Coming Soon )

Partner Datacenters

Austin 1 - Datafoundry Co-Location - Standard DC Uplinks - Datacenter Controlled

Michigan 1 - Liquid Web Co-Location - Standard DC Uplinks - Datacenter Controlled

Canada 1 - OVH Canada Hyper Cloud VPS Only - Standard DC Uplinks - Datacenter Controlled

San Angelo 1 - COMING SOON!