What is Project D.I.R.T.?

Project D.I.R.T. ( DISASTER INTERNET RESPONSE TEAM )  is a state of the art emergency mobile data and communications system designed to be deployed moments after a natural disaster or any other type of emergency situation where primary wireless and traditional communications networks get wiped out by the disaster.  Hyper Fusion has designed and starting the beginning phases of testing, producing and deploying a complete mobile communications platform.  Thru working together with emergency services we hope to save more people during those first few critical hours after a disaster takes place.  We have proven out our first 2 mobile repeaters and tested real world operations with the system and will be working hard to be ready by June 1st, 2019 for next years storm season with our full deployment team of 1 primary control and command station, 1 mobile sub-command vehicle, and 3 to 5 off-road mobile repeater extender vehicles as well as a fully highly trained staff to operation the equipment, vehicles, and network.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide reliable and stable data and communications during times of crisis and natural disaster and do everything within our reasonable power to aide and assist victims of such crisis and disasters.

How does Project D.I.R.T help during a natural disaster?
mobile command
(Conceptual idea only)

Hyper Fusion has designed a mobile command base transmission vehicle re-purposed out of a fold out carnival sit down racing game and modified it to contain 5 weather proof and rugged touch screen internet kiosks with an internet browser available for disaster victims as they make it out so that they may contact loved ones and let them know they are okay.  Along with 10 telephone stations for making phone calls.  Additionally, to penetrate further into the disaster zone, we have re-purposed some news vans into mobile repeaters so that we can jump the signal from our main mobile command station out up to 5 miles for each mobile repeater we have and can extend the system extremely deep into disaster zones.

Mobile repeater concept

Additionally, Project D.I.R.T. has several heavy duty drones with Hyper Fusion’s amazing wireless data transmission gear, as well as on-board FLIR camera, optical camera, and bright strobe lights for direct assisting in finding victims in rubble.  And with every drone also acting as a repeater we can hone in data signal right where its needed for drastically improved response times in getting to victims during those critical first few hours when they maybe injured.  We can put our drones in stand by mode, seek and find mode, or swam mode, if large groups of people gather in one place and more thru put and system signal is required to handle the load.  Powered by Hyper Fusions Smart Fuzzy Logic, our system will aide rescuers in finding possible victims by analyzing video feeds from drones and ground operators as well as historical disaster data to give rescuers better possible starting points and higher chances of getting to victims sooner.

To aide the system further, when victims are stuck in disaster zones, our mobile app becomes available on a pop up screen that arrests almost all modern devices wifi network login screen ( like when you go to McDonald’s and have to click the “I agree to terms” to use their free wifi, same concept, only with a download link for the Android or Apple app depending.  Installing this app helps our drones and team lock on to the victims location and provides instant 2-way communication with our mobile command station and waiting emergency services personnel.  Although downloading the app is NOT required to make a stable wifi data connection out to the internet, the app will help our ground crew pin point your location and get to you sooner.  Once installed our app will do several things, first, it will immediately open a 2 way data channel with our mobile command center and allow us to connect your call with both ground crews and other required emergency services.

Once a solid position is locked on and help is on the way our DIRT Dispatch Operator will remain on the 2-way audio call with you while help is on the way.  Additionally the system will allow our dispatch operator to place a 3-way call to any family member the victim may wish to let them know they are alive and their current status.  If for what ever reason the victim doesn’t know the phone number to their family, friend, or loved one, our system can automatically scan the top 5 most frequently called numbers out of the users phone and place SMS texts or pre-recorded phone messages, letting those contacts know the victim is in trouble, needs help, and then follows up with the victims exact GPS coords collected from the app allowing as much help to know where that victim is in real time.

How is Project D.I.R.T. funded?

Project D.I.R.T. is primarily funded by private donations directly from Hyper Fusion Technologies. We have however started a GoFund me campaign. In addition to providing emergency communications services in times of crisis and natural disaster, we don’t waste the space in our vehicles and pack them with water, dry new clothes like socks, shoes, sweat pants, sweat shirts, blankets, towels, and other items and distribute them to disaster victims when we arrive on site so we are running a Go Fund Me campaign to really get our project underway and our team fully ready for the 2019 Hurricane season. We of course will always accept donations and if you do send one in, and would like to be listed on our website or make a donation in the name of your local business we will certainly put a link to your business on the Project DIRT home page. Just make your check out to:

Cell phone towers do not survive devastation like this.

Project DIRT
PO Box 1442
Burnet, TX 78611

Have questions or want to join our volunteer field team as an operator?  Email Project D.I.R.T. at

The Project D.I.R.T. Team

Founded on 11/1/2018

Project D.I.R.T. Director – Chris S
Project D.I.R.T. Director – Will S
Project D.I.R.T. Commander – TBD
Finance Manager – TBA
Systems & Software Designer – Chris S
Field Captain – TBD
Vehicle Engineers –
Field Operators –