Hyper Fusion Launches the Bertram Internet Service!

May 15, 2017 Featured

Bertram-TXThe future of Bertram internet is here!  If you order with in 90 days of this announcement, you’ll get to keep your special lower introductory rate for any and all services you may have registered for at sign up FOR LIFE!  With Hyper Fusion, your rates don’t go UP after a year, we just think that’s foul.  We are not some huge internet company. We are owned by a long time local Burnet County resident and aim to always stay that way.

Hyper Fusion also has a totally awesome Refer-A-Friend program.  For every friend you refer to get signed up, you’ll receive a month free on your service, and so will your friend! (Terms and restrictions apply of course.)  As this is a new service and our team is quite busy handling all the new connections and things, please be patient with us while we get everything going.  If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to call our main office at (512) 790-2252 Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 5PM CST.

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