Pre-Registration Opens in Lampasas

Aug 8, 2017 Featured, Promotions

Lampasas AT & T internet and phone outage

In response to the Lampasas AT & T internet and phone outage, Hyper Fusion is offering a special promotion for all AT & T customers who either switch or add in Hyper Fusion internet service as a back-up connection to their primary connection will receive a $10 credit on their account every month they maintain their connection up to 12 months.

That’s right everyone, Hyper Fusion is FINALLY coming to Lampasas to provide RELIABLE high speed internet.  No need to worry either, as we DO NOT use AT & T as our backbone.  Hyper Fusion actually has 2 different sources for our WAN connectivity to provide reliable service to all of our customers.  We are now accepting pre-registrations for Lampasas and will begin installations on September 28th.  However, as of now, we are already booked out almost 3 weeks after that so you’ll want to get in and pre-register as soon as you can.  Friends referred from the date you pre-register until the date your installed, still qualify for the refer-a-friend bounty!

To get pre-registered, simply click the big yellow “YES! GIVE ME ACCESS!” button below and on the next page, you gotta click to agree to the terms of service, and then being the pre-registration process!

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