We’ve hired someone new!

Jul 6, 2018 Featured

That’s right everyone, we’ve finally hired a new office staff and she’s really awesome with helping people and super nice!  The best part is, she’s right from our local area right there in Kempner and can contest to the quality and speed of Hyper Fusion’s internet.  Below she has written a little bio about herself so be sure to logon to our website during normal business hours to have a website chat with her if you need help!

Hello, there!  My name is Laurenda Kurosz and I am a new Hyper Fusion Technologies Customer Support Agent, I will be assisting the handling of messages, calls, and other basic office duties starting Tuesday, July 11th.  Please do be patient with me as I am learning Hyper Fusion Technologies’ procedures and I am looking forward to improving customer support communications.  Also, I am a Hyper Fusion Technologies’ customer, my husband and I live in an older subdivision in Kempner, TX that Hyper Fusion Technologies serves.  Hyper Fusion Technologies’ internet greatly outperforms our previous ISP!

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