Massive Planned Maintenance & Updates

19 Dec by Hyper Fusion

Massive Planned Maintenance & Updates

Okay so we have some massive updates and maintenance we will be conducting over the course of this week to prepare for the holiday season and make sure everyone has awesome internet!

The purpose of this message is to inform everyone of some important upcoming maintenance to the Hyper Fusion network. Each night maintenance will begin at 11pm and last until 4am the following morning.  During this time you may experience brief interruptions in service.
The schedule for this maintenance will be as follows:
Dec 18th – Fusion Portal Upgrades ( Added SMS Notification, tighter security, and router upgrades )
Dec 19th –
Burnet Gateway, Burnet Main, Eagles Nest, 7 Creeks, and
Burnet East Repeaters
Dec. 20th – Naruna, Lampasas East, Lampasas West, Core Networking Switches
Dec. 21st – Kempner Gateway, Kempner North, Kempner South, Chica Ranch,
Internal DNS, routing servers, firewalls, and DDos prevention hardware
Dec. 22nd – Caching Servers, Leased Data Center Backup Networking Servers
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance, but it is necessary in order to continue providing you with the best internet service possible.
As a reminder, if you have not already, please take a picture of the bottom of your router clearly showing the device’s MAC address and email it to us. It is imperative that we have this information registered in the system in order to maintain both the stability and security of the network.
The Hyper Fusion Team

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