Archive: November 30, 2018

Hyper Fusion in the News Again!

So, as it turns out, some people had been going around saying that we did not own towers in the Kempner and Lampasas areas.  This is flat out untrue.  To the point where Andrea Moore from KCEN News did another story on us and flat out proved we’re in fact a very real company.  Watch the video below and share the link everywhere folks!  We’re real, and not only do we have towers, we also OWN most of our own towers, and several of witch are directly fiber connected, and over the next 3 to 6 months, almost all of them will be.

If you wanna check out all of our news storys, and yes we have several, CLICK HERE.

Lampasas: Area business speaks out against city feasibility study

Well folks, we couldn’t handle it anymore.  The current city leadership for Lampasas not only continually blatantly lies right to our faces but as it turns out they directly stole our engineering plans that we showed them, including exactly where outside fibers where, and on top of that, took a pay off from Nextlink of an insane amount of money in order to get exclusive rights to hang on the city poles.  Even our primary competitor in Lampasas County Roll Call was denied access.  Clear foulness is a-foot with the Mayor and City Manager both.

Alex Cano from KWTX Channel 10 news out of Waco, TX interviewed us and we where as honest as possible with the interview.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The city of Lampasas continues to take in suggestions on what kind of internet service people want in their homes or businesses.

It all started with an major power outage in 2017.

“Folks will probably remember in the summer of 2017 we had four to five outages where basically our town was shutdown. Banks had to close their doors, people couldn’t take credit card payments and phones were not working. At that point we felt the city had to step up and at least do an assessment of what we could potentially do” Lampasas city manager, Finley deGraffenried said.


New 5G Wireless Access Location Added

Hey everyone, just making a post to let everyone know about our newest 5G Wireless access location we’ve added to the HyperNET network.  It’s located out at beautiful Equirena Fields just north of Burnet Texas.  They offer vacation rental cabins, driving lessons, a HUGE covered arena for livestock events, rodeos, and many other events.  Check out their listing page on our website for more information and details on how to contact them.


Thanksgiving 2018 Schedule

Hey everyone, with Thanksgiving time here and school off for the week, most of our staff are with kids so we’re running a skeleton crew all week.  Although we may not answer, we have a couple folks in and out of the call center.  It’s certainly best this week if you submit a support ticket to get your issue resolved as quick as possible.  We will be closing the call center AND the field department starting at 6PM Wednesday, November 21st, and re-opening Monday, November 26th, at 1PM.  During this time, we will have a Network Operations Center administrator on-call to remote in and handle any outage support tickets our customers may submit.  All other requests will be address once we re-open our offices.  Enjoy the thanksgiving holiday.  All the staff here at Hyper Fusion is certainly thankful for all our wonderful customers.  It’s been an interesting year and a half, but we’re now completely stable and have solid communication with all our customers now and have pretty much all kinks worked out of our system.  We look forward to handling many more customers.  And Hyper Fusion has proved beyond a reasonable doubt, we can deliver what we say and we can handle explosive growth while at the same time, maintaining 95% or more of our customers connections speeds all the time!  Stay tuned as well, because we have a BIG announcement coming soon.  It will completely change the face of internet forever. =)