23 Dec by Hyper Fusion


All network updates are complete.  Moving forward over the Christmas Holiday there should be no more interruptions in service.  As a reminder, our offices will re-open for the 26th thru 28th, and installs will resume under normal hours on Jan. 2nd, 2019. However, we are in the process of creating a genuine cloud system and putting our entire system in a genuine 4 node cloud network built 100% in-house by our amazing engineers.  We don’t 3rd party out our VPN and back hauling thru 3rd parth SD-WAN services.  These SD-WAN services, although they are decent with what they do, are still basically the same thing as what WordPress and Square Space do for websites, except SD-WAN does VPN, nothing more.  Noobs use this because they can’t operate a VPN server themselves.  This is part of the reason why we are now requiring MAC addresses for routers.

After the first of the year, a new requirement for all routers will also require them to be IPv6 compatible.  In an effort to stay ahead of the competition and build the most secure possible network we will be making some major changes to our network.  Including adding a 2nd chesty fiber line in Burnet thru a completely different provider then our Kempner fibers.  This will make our entire network completely redundant.  We are also direct fiber connecting our heavy usage repeaters as well as installing multiple redundant backbone radios on every repeater to create a full self healing smart network using in-house proprietary software built by the amazing team at Hyper Fusion.  We’re moving to a custom solution to prevent others from copying what we work so hard to deliver.  They can copy what gear we use, then can copy our website, they can copy our prices, they can not copy the software that drives the network in a MUCH more secure, fast, and stable way, then 3rd party software with known attack points.  Our software is custom, with un-common port structures, multiple redundant paths, and many other things we can’t publicly disclose that keep our network far superior.

In addition to having multiple upstream providers now, we also now have servers in 3 separate datacenters, 1 in Austin, TX, 1 in Canada, and one in Michigan including our in-house datacenter which houses our primary node directly.  Each of these with dedicated 1 or 10 gig uplinks to handle our traffic.  These datacenters also each contain web servers that all carry real-time data synchronization between all 3 clusters so if 1 goes down, the other 2 pull the load thusly always ensuring connectivity.  We are in the process of having a direct assigned IP Subnet space assigned to us now that we are a full fledged multi-homed ISP.  To our knowledge, NONE of the Wireless ISP’s in the area are capable of this, and nothing can hold a candle to the reliability of connection this delivers.

With moving to an pure IPv6 network, EVERY customer will be given a large block of their very own public IP’s.  No need to pay to lease expensive IPv4’s for your X-Box 1 games that require public IP’s any more.  Just 1 more way, Hyper Fusion is staying ahead of the game and delivering our customers the best possible latest in pure digital internet.

NOTE: With us moving websites to data centers over the Christmas Holiday, our website, portal, backend systems, forums, ipTV Transcoding servers, and other network systems, will be getting new IPv6 and IPv4 addresses to help fascilate the cross over so nobody experiences in a loss of internet or TV service.

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