4 Apr by Hyper Fusion

All Systems Normal Again

Our guys have fully repaired the Burnet Gateway and put a permanent fix and backup in place to prevent the slow down the south network experienced over the past week, so that’s back at full charge, so everyone on the south network, yank your video qualities back up to 4K and stream as many devices as you can.  We want to test what our network can truly do with all the recent upgrades now functioning as expected.

Chica Ranch is also a little stronger then it was before and back to normal.  Not 100% sure what happened exactly, but between our repeater land owner, our engineer, and Chris, they got it worked out and we’re back and 15% stronger then we were.   Additionally, do the explosion of connections in the Chica Ranch area, we’ve added 2 more access points that are a bit faster and capable of alot more customers.  It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago we had nothing out there, and now, as of just yesterday, we have 100 happy internet customers out there!  Hyper Fusion has realized, that in order to grow and provide the best service possible, 1 repeater just doesn’t cut it, that’s why we’re committed to always adding more throughput where needed and actively monitoring our OWN WHOLEY OWNED network.  Just can’t outsource that stuff when your delivering internet, you have to be able to react to issues in real time.  With that in mind north network, y’all are clear to yank up your qualities to 4k as well and pack as many devices as you can on the system.  And as always, please report in if your not getting your expected speeds.

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