6 Apr by Hyper Fusion

North Network Full Audit

Just a quick post to let you know that starting tonight at 10PM CST thru 4AM CST.  During this Audit our IT team will be going thru EVERY repeater, access point, backbone, switch, wireless channel, customer station, managed router, fiber DMARC’s, fiber to the home customers, all of it, and making sure all software is up to date, property security is engaged, and wireless channels are optimized.  This should bring you back to full package once we have it completed.  This audit effects the following repeater sites:

  • Lampasas South
  • Lampasas West
  • Lampasas East
  • Lampasas North
  • Lampasas West
  • 580 Midway
  • Kempner North
  • Kempner South
  • Our Friends 1
  • Chica Ranch
  • Arrowhead
  • 183 Midway

We will update our status page:  https://www.hyperfusiontech.com/status/  When the audit is complete.  We will also be going thru EVERY account and addressing every support ticket and making sure everyones account is up todate.

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