Kempner North Fiber Run COMPLETE!

29 May by Hyper Fusion

Kempner North Fiber Run COMPLETE!

Exciting news everyone, we have completed another few km of installing our own PRIVATE fiber.  We terminated it, we put it up on the big boy poles with big boy toys all our own.  No sticker slapping for us!  We are the ONLY new provider with privately owned fiber.  We have also completed the full fiber DMARC installation.  We removed the splice point side we had with the shed on it, and got big boy underground fiber containers.  We replaced the wireless link we had going between the Kempner Gateway.  With this change now in place, Kempner North has officially been converted to the Kempner Gateway!  We can pump 3 pairs of 100 Gbps worth of thru put into this tower if we want it folks, so there’s PLENTY to go around.  We have to swap out a switch and add another server to the tower and some battery backups and put the new night vision cameras up, but other than that, the Kempner North site since its directly fiber connected will be running at the full 10 gig link speed which means we can start spinning off gigabit fiber to the home services off this site now!

Chica Ranch, your the next fiber run up or maybe River Place.  Point is folks, you’ve seen our guys running our own fiber.  The timing might have been poor, but we can run about 1km of fiber per day the way we’re running.  With this fiber project now complete we will be coming over and catching up on all our customer repairs, and once that’s caught up Burnet Main will be getting a complete rebuild and recondition.  And we’ve got all 10 Gbps networking gear.  Hands down creaming the competition in the area.  We’ve also got a fiber DMARC tap point located right on the edge of town as pictured. =)


    1. We would LOVE to bring eagles nest fiber. However, just like this project, we have to save up several thousand dollars or get lots of folks to pay a fiber set up fee. And who wants to pay a setup fee? Unless y’all do?

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