Month: June 2019

28 Jun by Hyper Fusion

Slow Speed Issue Reaching Resolution!!

So, after spending MANY, MANY hours with our upstream providers, we’ve finally figured out the cause of our internet slowness since the storms. Our upstream providers had sustained damage that affected our ability to achieve expected speeds.  Thankfully, our north network upstream provider came out very quickly and installed new hardware that resolved the issue […]
26 Jun by Hyper Fusion

Outages and Slow Speed Issues

Hey folks, we’ve been getting a lot of support requests regarding this issue so I thought I would make this post.  A few weeks back during that major storm that took down our Kempner tower, it also took out a major fiber interchange physical building in Dallas / Ft. Worth where many providers bring their […]
15 Jun by Hyper Fusion

New Kempner Repeater Construction Underway

That’s right folks, we’ve got the new Kempner repeater under way.  Tower parts where delivered this morning and the foundation is being worked on as we speak.  If we don’t get er finished up today, we will have it finished within the next 48 hours one way or another.  this will re-connect back all Kempner […]
10 Jun by Hyper Fusion

Storm Damage Update

So, with everything else going on and us recovering from our internal issues that have now been fully resolved we have some storm damage to mitigate.  Being that we have full control of the field back we have set up repair days for the rest of the week. Tuesday: Repairing Equrina Fields & Naruna customers […]