Emili The Virtual Assistant is Here!

27 Aug by Hyper Fusion

Emili The Virtual Assistant is Here!

Who is Emili?

Emili is Hyper Fusion’s AI.  She is akin to Siri, Amazon, Google Assistant and the like.  Chris started programming her all the way back in 1993, at the tender age of 12, same year Jurassic Park came out.  Which Chris has drawn a lot of inspiration from with the design of our software and AI.

What can Emili do?

The first task we’re going to have EMILI handle is our outage reports.  All you have to do is call up and interact with her like any other real person.  (Although there are still some phone menu’s and button pushing in there, I’m slowly replacing the old way with a pure speech interaction, meaning you, the customer  can just simply speak naturally with her instead of pressing any buttons.  Just like Iron Man does with Jarvis, Tony Starks AI computer system.   Whether you’d like a phone call or SMS alert once your outage has been resolved, either way you’ll get contacted.  This should help get our customers answers faster, since obviously, their internet is out and they can’t check the status page.

How often will you update Emili?

The goal is to add 1 new thing Emili can help our customers with every other week roughly.  It does take a while to put out, and I’m putting all my knowledge and expertise into her and will make sure I keep her software every bit as updated as anyone elses.


Simply call the following number, and save it as a contact in your phone under ( Emili ) super easy. (512) 270-3710

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As a reminder, Chris is no longer interacting with customers directly as primary contact.  Hyper Fusion has grown far to big and we have too many customers for him to be the ONLY Customer Support agent for EVERY single one of our customers.  It’s  just not going to happen.  He is working his behind off to get the network stable and rock-solid again since the storm, and we’re at the tail-end.  He came out with this so all of our customers can get near real time and automated information so they don’t have to wait or feel ignored.  If you need help, anyone who replies to your ticket, answers a phone call, or chats on our webchat support can help you.  If they do not know how to fix you, they will be adding a reply to your ticket and contacting him directly to let him know its something they need him to handle.

Please, please, out of kindness and respect, We ask everyone of our customers to please refrain for texting or calling Chris in the event of an outage; As he’s usually already on the network fixing it and its hard to do that when he’s getting literally HUNDREDS of calls in the span 15 minutes.  Our answer to this issue, is by FINALLY after over 2 years of being in existance, with reluctance, because he really wasn’t planning on sharing Emili with the world, but it seems she can help.  He coded her software and neural network all himself, with no help.  Other companies don’t do this.   They can’t, ’cause all they have are business admin degrees designed to rip the customer off as much as possible.


Your Hyper Fusion Team

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