Month: July 2019

30 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Services Update

Hey everyone, just a periodic update to let everyone know what’s been going on with our network.  As promised, and its been a long time coming, we’ve finally started the upgrade process from the horrible Co-Ax to the “big boy” fiber.  This is work OUR people are doing, digging, sweating over.  Yes, even our female […]
20 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Slow Speed Help

Help, I have slow speed, what do I do? If your having slow speeds, that means you have a tiny bit of internet, pages sort of load, streaming applications may load but the videos won’t play, that sort of thing.  We handle this issues much different than NO SERVICE.  With that in mind, please hardline […]
18 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Fusion Portal Down For Major Upgrade

Our Fusion Portal is currently down for a major upgrade.  Our new super beefy dual server pair has come in and our awesome Technology Manager has finished installing them in the server racks.  So, over the next 2 days we will also be performing a major software upgrade on the portal itself.  During this time […]
18 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Payment And Policy Updates

We will be dropping our 100 Mbps plan from our service list.  Additionally, we will no longer be offering annual or semi-annual billing plans.  We are offering  monthly or quarterly  billing plans moving forward.  We will still generate invoices 30 days ahead of your due date to give you a grace period to pay your […]
7 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Summer Update Post and Policy Changes

Hey everyone, once per season we’re gonna try and get in a habbit of making our policy changes and major updates  at those 4 times thru out the year.  So, this is our Summer 2019 announcement.  I had expected this to go out on June 21st, the first day of summer, but, well, obviously with […]

With Texas now being under lock down, almost all businesses are now closed.  However, Hyper Fusion,  will be maintaining operations throughout the pandemic to ensure that everyone that needs internet at home has it. Please keep in mind, we are down to a single field team and  have recently implemented new policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our field team, customers, and community.  We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times. We can come through this together. Stay safe!